Full name: Chun Miy
Head type: Dream of Doll Mir
Body type: Doll in Mind Happy girl body (modded)
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Customizations: body blushing, left ear pierced
Birthday: 26/07
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Miy is extremely clever, although you might not think that at first since she acts all cutesy most of the time. She is polite as well and hides her own feelings pretty well. She often has a sweet all-knowing little smile on her face which might go unnoticed if you’re not observant enough. She’s quite naughty and loves flirting with guys -she gets forgiven all the time though… because she’s just too sweet to be blamed.

She loves shoes, and heels are her favourite :D
She doesn’t have trouble getting along with people because of her cheerful nature. She loves Yen and her newfound ‘family’ very much. She also has lots of other friends who she seems to be quite close with.

Miy lived in Korea before coming to Finland as well. She went to the same school as Umi and Riya (Mizyas dolls) . Riya was and is her best friend, although they are very different by nature. Miy was a shy child but after she turned 12 she decided she didn’t want to be the girl who no-one knew anymore. She wanted to change completely and started by getting some trendy clothes and a new haircut, which made her immediately someone who people turned to look at. She summoned all her courage and went to speak with people, who warmly welcomed her to their company.
Soon after her change she discovered the miracles of flirting. Flirting was something that made her happy -it still is. As she became more popular she ran into Shige, who was probably the most popular guy at school. He was good-looking, smart and polite and Miy immediately fell in love with him. They became friends and because Miy still had some of her shyness inside her she just couldn’t bring herself to confess… until it was too late. Her relationship with Shige did leave her with a dear friend, though, and someone she now knows inside out.

After a while she left for Finland after receiving an invitation from Yen’s landlord.