Full name: An Chin
Nick: Cin
Doll type: Dollzone Mo
Skin: tan (old)
Makeup: by me
Customizations: facial scars, body blushing, pierced ear, tattoos
Birthday: 02/10
Birth place: Busan, South Korea
Age: 18
Gender: Male


Cin is very easygoing and doesn’t much care about appearances -which shows. He wears worn clothes, leaves his hair unruly and expresses himself through tattoos and attitude. He’s also very blunt and is mostly considered to be rude, although usually doesn’t mean anything by it. It’s just the way he’s learned to protect himself after taking verbal abuse from his strict parents all through his childhood and most teenage years. In Korean society he is considered extremely rude because he ignores most social norms, but he fits in quite well in Finland.

Cin and Yen were good friends in their childhood. They both practised martial arts together and hung out a lot. It was a way for them both to get away from their families. Cin comes from a successfull family that owns a restaurant chain, and as the eldest son, he was being groomed to take over the business. However Cin was by nature very easygoing and not suited to lead such a large business at all. In addition his parents were very strict and it was taking a toll on him. After he and Yen started taking Taekwondo togetger, their friendship deepened. They were both very talented and raised their ranks quickly. They also got a fan: Seung-Sun. He was a few years younger and admired them both, at some point he wanted to be taught Taekwondo as well, although he didn’t have much talent for it. Cin, Yen and Seung-Sun had fun on a daily basis and fooled around quite a bit -much to the dismay of Cin’s parents.
One day, a challenger appeared: Hyung-Ki. He wanted to be know throughout the city and eventually the whole region… and challenged Cin. He was rough, violent and would do anything to win. Despite Yen’s protests Cin accepted the challenge and ended up hurt. Hyung-Ki didn’t care what happened to his y other opponents and ended up breaking both of Cin’s legs. Defending hadn’t been Cin’s forte and now his legs we’re useless. They healed eventually but he could never practise martial arts properly anymore, nor any other sport.

Hyung-Ki ended up beaten by Yen. He came back for a second challenge after a while of extra training but Yen never fought him again. Cin accepted this but their little admirer, Seung-Sun, didn’t. He drifted away from the two of them, dissappointed in his idols. Cin stayed somewhat contact with him, though. He was very much depressed and drifted away from his old life. He made new friends at school and hardly saw Yen anymore. He regretted it as everything felt so superficial after the indicent.
After a few months of not contacting Yen, he heard that Seung-Sun had gone along with some reckless people and had gotten in trouble. Cin asked Yen a favour to help him out, and Yen did, with one condition: Seung-Sun was to break all his ties with his new found “friends”. For a while afterwards, everything seemed partially fixed. The two of them had gotten Seung-Sun back and gained his repect again. In time, they ended up drifting apart again, though. Cin had regrets, so many of them that he got depressed again, not being able to fix things between Yen and himself. And after Yen moved to Finland he felt he couldn’t fix them anymore. He spiraled out of control with teenage behaviour, doing stunts that could’ve really gotten him into trouble (such as driving through a glass door on a motorcycle) if his parents hadn’t covered it up. They weren’t pleased with him at all, but needed to protect their reputation.

This whole time Cin had been using his parents’ money to search for Yen’s sister, because he felt he owed that much to his friend, who had risked a lot for their friendship. Both with fighting Hyung-Ki and defying his parents in so many ways. His search didn’t bring up much and after Yen had left for Finland Cin heard that she’d found him instead. Cin felt useless. His family life was going haywire because of his own behaviour and trouble with the police, and he no longer felt like Yen was his friend. They hadn’t spent enough time together during the past years. He felt like he needed change and like he needed to fix their friendship. Besides, his younger brother was proving to be the star of the family, much more accomplished at school and a temperament to match a lead position in a company. Cin dropped the “h” from his name and started gathering money to move to Finland. He was determined he and Yen could make things work again and his parents could just “suck it”. His brother could take up the slack -as selfish as that was.