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Tea & Inquiries

The woman was standing awkwardly in an unfamiliar room. They’d had their introductions just a moment before outside, after which she had taken off her outer garments in order to accomodate for the warmth of the house. The demon was not what she had been expecting: he was so… small and delicate looking. But Iria […]

Different Strengths

Era was definitely a being of light. Any way you looked at it, she belonged out there in the brightness. Even when the sun wasn’t out, she seemed to have a glowing aura around her.

Journeys End

The summer was coming to an end. The trees were dropping their leaves in the wind and amidst them, a lonely figure limped in the forest. At times the woman had thought she felt something in the woods but calling out to it had brought her no answers. Must’ve been an animal. Her armour was […]


The Spider’s Lair was surprisingly cozy and glamorous. It even smelled nice and flowery. Somnion had been expecting something dark and dank. “I bring you the Ice Crown of Nodark.” the demon bowed as he offered the treasure to the Spider. She was known to want blue treasures as compensation for her services. And of […]


Shall we get to it?” The demon inquired. [As you wish] his uncle replied telepathically, as always. [Show me the list.] And Somnion handed over the old reseach paper. [We need the organic incredients first, I’m sure you remember them.] The demon opened his uncle’s cabined and leaned in. They had collected many of these […]

The Spider’s Lair

The lair was dimly lit with a few scented candles burning a surprisingly flowery scent into the air. The Spider was there and she was everything she was described as and more. “I am Llyr” The demon spoke with respect and gave her a small bow. The Spider had quite the reputation and one should […]

Pursuit… of sorts?

The woods were once again full of the bustle of birds, squirrying to build their nests and gather food for the winter. Kilbas heard the rustle of mammals doing the same, but they all dissappeared deeper as they felt him approach. The Hunter was still in a foul mood and it was seething off of […]


Somnion could still feel traces of the magics performed here, although months had passed. But that wasn’t all: faint memories of strong feeling were also left behind. He could feel the pain, the sadness and the anger that had come to pass in this place. “Where do you think he is now?” he spoke to […]

Finale Part 2

Llyr managed to catch the Huntress as she staggered backwards and her knees gave out. “Tanith! Wait, I’ll heal you—”

Finale Part 1

This was finally the moment. But neither of them had expected it to come this way. The Hunter was alone. No army, not even another soldier anywhere. Llyr had scanned the area thoroughly with his eyes that penetrated everything, and had seen no demons in hiding.