Halloween meme -thingy

This meme has been going around and I was avoiding actual things to do, so I finally did it as well. I loved that the questions are a little different from most memes. :3

Werewolf – How has the hobby “transformed” you?
In a lot of ways, but some of it’s probably also because I’ve grown with this hobby. I started this in my teens and I’ve been at it for 10 years, so things are bound to change. I used to make up stories and draw, but once I got into dolls I switched to photography. I use the doll characters as inspiration for stories that I write as photostories, text and as RP with mizya. So, basically the hobby changed the way I express myself. Though, I still draw and paint from time to time. I also really got into sewing through this hobby, before it, I had no interest to make clothes.

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