Sunlit Gardens

Yayy! I was finally able to get kimono!Lin photos in the apple tree garden that’s located near where mizya lives. She’s had him for years for this purpose but we always missed the flowers for some reason. She’ll post her own photos of this shoot to her blog. :3
This year the weather was really crappy and they’d protected the trunks with plastic and wire-netting, making them really ugly. But like hell we’d give up. The weather was sunny and cloudy every few minutes, the wind was infernal (we almost fell off the bridge while crossing the lake because it came in such huge gusts) and there were kids playing ball in the parts where the wire-nettings had been removed. Well, we went further away and removed the wire and the protective plastics ourselves from the trees we were shooting at and then put them back when we were done. Those protectors weren’t there last year, so that was really annoying, though.

Anyway, I managed to get some nice Lin photos (the last one is my favourite), although the wind tried to knock him over and make him push the parasol against his head, shoulder or neck all the time. It wasn’t easy. xD

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Kingly outfits

Some Lin photos from my birthday. Spent most of the day lugging him along while we looked for photography spots in infernal heat. x_x Can’t say I’m super happy with any of the photos, but at least I got exercise for once?

It’s Lin’s blog debut, apparently. I haven’t had him at home for probably over a year now since he’s been staying with Mizya. Thus the lack of photos.

(+ An extra Yami from today)

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