Deep forests

Took Kilbas out into the forest yesterday. He’s still missing the companion I planned for him years ago, but I can never afford to order it so here we are… I went across a stream that in the spring is pretty much impassable cause there’s so much water, but now it was pretty dry. So yeah, there I was getting stuck in every branch and trying to get some photos taken. I never thought I’d wish I was even smaller than I am, but it was really hard to move out there. xD

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Okay, finally we have the set I took the contest photo from. I got this idea almost immediately when I heard the theme was nude dolls. And I’m definitely a winner here because I had too much fun. I almost immediately wanted to go back there, despite not having a different doll to take… But next year I should have the perfect one =w= and I really look forward to (taking) those photos.

This is a bit of a story but no narration or dialogue, so you can interpret it however you want. xD

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Rest site

“Kilbas was on his way to his home cave from having spent several months on official business in a different dimension, and decided that this was as good a place as any to rest, before continuing onwards. He was traveling light: just his weapons, better clothes, waterskin and a bear hide for warmth. It was all he needed to survive in this harsh winter wilderness.”

I couldn’t resist. It’s been a while since I put any effort into photography, but I got this fur piece from mizya yesterday and it’s been snowing non-stop since last night, so the weather was great for photos, too. And I’ve had this photo idea for a while now. If I had winter gear for some of my other dolls, I would’ve made it into a photostory. But nope, not this time. Maybe some day I’ll find good fantasy appropriate winter fabrics that inspire me to sew for… well almost everyone needs winter gear.

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Story: Journeys end

I’m (really slowly) working on a new outfit for Iria. I never even had a proper shoot in her original one, but oh well. I’ve had the design and some of the patterns done for months already and I even made one piece of it some time ago, but I have a hard time deciding which fabrics to use for the rest of it. That and I keep getting distracted: like yesterday, I was going to start cutting the fabrics. I took them all out and everything. And then I found nice leggins fabrics from by pile and instead, cut like 15 pairs of leggins (SD16/DDdy, SD & MSD size). Lol. =__=;; The sales coats are still in the works too. Oh, and last night I dug out an old silk dress I made 4 years ago, pretty much cut off the back and started making a new back hem to make it nicer and useable for Prisca.
And let’s not even speak of the SG corset I started last year, the shirts I cut for Null at the same time and another SD silk dress I cut a year ago. I have too much unfinished stuff. Though, right now I really wanna do something nice for my own dolls. ♥

Anyway, finally managed to finish this story.

The summer was coming to an end. The trees were dropping their leaves in the wind and amidst them, a lonely figure limped in the forest.

At times the woman had thought she felt something in the woods but calling out to it had brought her no answers. Must’ve been an animal.

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No Camouflage

There are not enough words for how much I love Kilbas (both the character and the doll). Though, he’d need to be cleaned, re-coated, re-faceupped and re-strung probably but I’m lazy. I’ve had him styled as his younger self for a while and finally took some photos. Next I need to make him some new winter clothes so that I can take his regular silver-haired version outside. xD I need to restyle him mostly because I have another doll that needs these blue eyes. xD

The shoot is like super repetitive but I don’t care ’cause Kilbas is pretty. ♥

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Story: Pursuit… of sorts?

The woods were once again full of the bustle of birds, squirrying to build their nests and gather food for the winter.

Kilbas heard the rustle of mammals doing the same, but they all dissappeared deeper as they felt him approach.

The Hunter was still in a foul mood and it was seething off of him like a dark aura.

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Story: Finale -part 1

Alright… we’re finally at the end of a chapter. Ending part one. I couldn’t have done this without help from mizya. She helped me drag everyone and my tools to the forest, helped me with the poses so that I didn’t have to worry about the dolls falling while I was shooting, and assisted with certain key shots and the super fabulous (right) battle. :D Thanks to her I managed to wrap this up (including the coming part2) in just about 2,5 hours. It cost us some finger freezing and a total toe freeze… twice. But I think it was worth it. Don’t know about anyone else, though. Comments would be greatly appreciated. :D


This was finally the moment. But neither of them had expected it to come this way.

The Hunter was alone.

No army, not even another soldier anywhere. Llyr had scanned the area thoroughly with his eyes that penetrated everything, and had seen no demons in hiding.

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