Waiting for the girlfriend

Ooh, I managed to put my winter gear on and grab a doll and a camera yesterday. I still have other dolls I should photograph as well since we’ve had an exceptionally pretty winter so far. The only problem is that because it’s been cold, all the snow is powdery and there’s too much of it for most dolls. Like I wanted to take some photos of my noodle as well but nope, it’s too steep.

Sorry about the slightly boring.

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Date time

Alrighty, I like to do something for myself on my birthday every year, and this time it was having a shoot mizya and I had been planning for a while. Well, we took other photos too, but I’m only posting our Min Ki & Mi Cha date photos for now, because they’re cutiepies. ♥ ♥

Too tied to go into more detail right now. It’s been a long day with commissions and then I edited these photos and ugghh. Enjoy.

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Swinging towards summer

I’m really on a roll. Commissions aren’t moving as well as photos, but it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve actually enjoyed taking photos. Lately, it’s just been me shooting sales or commission stuff. Feels good to do something for myself for a change -even if it’s just taking photo.

We removed the netting from around the cherry tree yesterday, because I’m pretty sure the hares won’t be eating it anymore. I made this swing a while ago but the weather hasn’t allowed me to test it -and the tree was inaccessible anyway. I also have an SD size, but that will have to be tested later (I have some niiiice plans for that one). ):D

I was only supposed to test the swing, but this turned into two mini-shoots. First one was Avis when I was just setting it up, and then I took Min Ki there too, because I quickly -finally- gave him a manicure and then felt inspired by him.

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Sunset stroll

Mizya visited and we took a photography trip. First we stopped at a maintenance road, then at a lake (didn’t get photos there though because of too many people around) and then we went to an old quarry and climbed to the peak. It was a bit before 10PM and the sun was low, but still above the treeline, so we got some nice romantic photos with strong backlight. x3

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A Date in the Snowfall

Yayy, we got to photograph our cuties together finally. We woke up to a really nice heavy snowfall that was promised to last until the evening, so I had Mizya come visit me for photos. x3 We’ve been planning this snow-date shoot for a long time and I’m so glad we got to do it this ‘winter’ after all. We were kinda losing hope already.

Mi Cha belongs to Mizya.

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It’s been dark and wet, but yesterday, while I was sewing, I noticed it was snowing. Min Ki was the only doll I had in winter gear (well, Lily too but I’ve already shot her) so I grabbed him and dashed outside. I was seriously uninspired and the photos ended up super dull, although the snow was really coming down. :< Too bad, too, because it was so pretty and today it's all just mush. I'll be smart and wear my lame-looking rainboots to town today because I don't want to get my feet wet or ruin any of my nice winter shoes. :I

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Home from school…

I ordered an umbrella for my minis. I was pretty certain it’d be a bit small and that it is. But maybe he’s using a kid’s umbrella, I don’t know. I don’t think there are any other ones more in scale for minis. I only have an SD sized one and that one is way too big. And white so not everyone can even use it. Sigh.

Anyway, took some autumny photos of Min Ki although I still don’t have a good wig for him. I might try to dye this one a bit but I can’t do anything about the style. Sigh.

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