Azone: New things

I’ve had some updates in my Azone collection happening, and I’m getting a long awaited XS girl soon as well. Mostly so that she can wear the outfits I’ve bought for her despite not owning a doll of that size, lol. I couldn’t resist. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Pure Neemo sized girls or boys, although there are a few old releases I really like. But this size is just not for me. I don’t do anything with my 30cm BJD tinies either, because the size is just no inspiring. I like teeny, tiny things, and bigger things, but this is a size that falls just inbetween and doesn’t work for me. My Neemos don’t even get proper names because I’m unimaginative with them.
Anyway, I also managed to find a Rockin’ girl Yuzuha second hand for a really good price… some time last year (oops), so I bought her. She’s my favorite Yuzuha and possibly my fave Neemo as well, so it was a must instant buy as soon as she popped up.

In her default gear (that I had to sell, though).

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Azone: Rise goes skating

I just recently realized that the new park close-ish to my house has a small field, and that of course, they ice it during winter. It’s the first below freezing day in a couple of days today so I went to check it out. Although it snowed a lot all day yesterday, so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be cleaned yet. But yes, the mini tractor was still there working -on the park side. I think he’d just done the ice before that. So, I changed into my own skates and while I was doing that, the driver parked the tractor opposite to the ice and just stared at me from inside. That was super awkward. I haven’t been on my skates in like 10 years and I could barely stay up at first. The ice was all bumpy too, so not helping. But, luckily he left soon and I was able to ease back into it. My feet started hurting really quickly but I was glad to notice I can still go backwards and do little twists and turns.

And so that this isn’t just about me: Rise was there too, because ice skating is her hobby. :D I had basically zero privacy, because some woman came to clean the park (with a shovel and stuff) even further and was there the entire time I was on all fours, taking doll photos. That and kids were coming home from school and tried to see what I was doing over the snowy edges. =__= Oh well, I got a couple of cute photos. It was not easy because she was on skates -on ice and they obviously slide on it.

I wish there was a hockey rink close by -that would have nicer ice. The closest one isn’t that far away, but ices like that always have kids there, no matter what time you go.

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Azone: The candy mystery

Okaaay, I promise I’ll post that Iria story soon. I’ve managed to write it down but I still need to proof read it and I’ve been so scatterbrained lately that it’s hard for me to sit down and concentrate on one thing. x_x
I also have a lot of sewing to do but I’m having a hard time finishing those too (instead, I make more patterns and cut MORE fabrics to sew and now I have a HUGE pile of unsewn stuff).

The other day, I took Rise and Aoto out for a few photos because I wanted to do something relaxing for a change.

The mystery begins with Rise babysitting Aoto while his parents are away. They’re taking a walk outside and notice a pile of candy on the ground.

“So, what’s that?”

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Azone: Otouto-kun!

This was a total and complete impulse buy, really. I saw the second Detective boys release and put him on preorder right away, and only because I went an imagined a tsundere little otouto-kun for Rise (but he might end up as a neighbour’s kid). Aoto has a slight smile but I erased the corners of his mouth and reshaped them a bit. Though it’s still a bit messy and I need to fix it. But he just kills me.

I haven’t decided what to call him yet. I really like the name Aoto, but I can’t find nice kanjis for it. He’s a curious little thing, playing tantei-games, and yet interestingly Rise’s name (理瀬) can be intepreted as something akin to rapids/current of truth/reason/justice with those kanjis. Ahaha ^^; I need to decide, if he’ll just be あおと or something else altogether.
I’m a little sad that he doesn’t have brown eyes like Rise, but I died at the outfit of this release. The Alice’s teaparty ver. would have the eyes but the hair is lighter and although it’s cute, I like the tantei get up more. xD

I took some quick snapshots after his arrival:

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Azone: New clothes, finally?

I received some new clothes for Rise in the mail today and took a few random photos. And including 3 older ones too.

I’m not very good at Azone photography. It’s hard for me for some reason and I somehow always manage to get a shine on their faces. I need to find new ways to use light for these little ones because obviously what I do with BJDs isn’t working with these guys. Not that I have more than one, but I am getting another this summer. And then maybe two more at some point if Azone releases the faces I like with styles I like or if I find my faves reasonably from second hand. But since I’m not willing to pay nearly as much as most people are, it’s probably not happening. xD

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Story: Not-so-sweet dream café (+Extras)

Ohoho, a little story activity here! This is a collaboration between mizya and I (and Azones and BJDs, thus it’s in both categories). I visited Mizy and brought her a new cafe floor, then quickly made a superb mop from our combined supplies… and then we got to it. I had Rise and Muu with me. Everyone else belongs to Mizya and so does most of Rise’s outfit because I don’t have anything new for her. We’d planned most of the story beforehand and the unplanned parts were mostly a collaborated effort. I posed and photographed the dolls & Mizya helped behind the scenes. I also edited the photos, but she added the Japanese/English commentary to the story. x3

The Muu/Sethos silly story that is inbetween the other photos belongs in a series were doing together, and the previous parts are as follows:
1) Events 2) Love Letter 3) Pig 4) An Apology 5) Saving the Princess 6) Summer Love 7) Helper
8) How to Impress the Ladies: Part 1: Intellect 9) How to Impress the Ladies: Part 2: Baking talents

Be warned, there are a TON of photos. You can also jump straight to the story part here.

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Azone: arrival

Oh, whoops. I’m now accidentally a pure neemo owner. I got my first girl (DC Progression Lycee) from Mizya on Wednesday. A surprise gift 3 months before my birthday. I was like “Whaaaat is this? :D” when she handed the gift-wrapped package to me. And like oh noes, is it an Azone?? in my head while I was unwrapping it. I’m doomed now. I need to make her clothes and buy her shoes and mnghgh! :D Cause you know me, I just can’t do with one outfit for a long time. I’m super glad her default outfit is versatile, though, and that the boots are lovely. They work with the dark kimonos I made for a winter look, too.

Yes, I made some Azone sized clothing (available in my etsy, link in the sidebar) because I had a body here from Mizya as a sewing model, and now I have a full doll thanks to her, so that I can take photos of the finished producst as well. I don’t know, I might update this blog with some of my sewing work from time to time too. Currently I only post some of them to my flickr.

If you want to filter out my Azone entries, just go to my categories and click “company” and it’ll only give you BJDs. And if you want to filter out the BJDs, just click “Azone”. By the way, I also added an azone profile page, separate from my other dolls (and updated that one).

And now to the mandatory picture spammage:

“Salutations!” (This totally became her trademark pose :P)

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