Azone: Otouto-kun!

This was a total and complete impulse buy, really. I saw the second Detective boys release and put him on preorder right away, and only because I went an imagined a tsundere little otouto-kun for Rise (but he might end up as a neighbour’s kid). Aoto has a slight smile but I erased the corners of his mouth and reshaped them a bit. Though it’s still a bit messy and I need to fix it. But he just kills me.

I haven’t decided what to call him yet. I really like the name Aoto, but I can’t find nice kanjis for it. He’s a curious little thing, playing tantei-games, and yet interestingly Rise’s name (理瀬) can be intepreted as something akin to rapids/current of truth/reason/justice with those kanjis. Ahaha ^^; I need to decide, if he’ll just be あおと or something else altogether.
I’m a little sad that he doesn’t have brown eyes like Rise, but I died at the outfit of this release. The Alice’s teaparty ver. would have the eyes but the hair is lighter and although it’s cute, I like the tantei get up more. xD

I took some quick snapshots after his arrival:

The hat kills me. I’m never taking it off.

And blol, then he stole Rise’s shorts and shoes.


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