Sewing commissions –CLOSED–

My name is Yenna and I have been sewing for dolls for 10 years. I started as an amateur back in 2005 but I’ve since graduated as a professional seamstress. I make fitted professional quality clothing that function and look like their human sized counterparts.

I can make virtually any type of clothing as long as I have access to the materials and the right size doll to model the clothes on. I have some fabrics in stock, but I will most likely have to rely on our local fabric store for most outfits. Accepting your commission will depend on if I can get the needed materials for it or not.




♠ Send me with the type of outfit you are looking for, in what colour(s) and for what doll –this is important! We can’t move forward before I know what size it needs to be made for. I will then see if I have/can get the fabrics for it. We’ll then discuss the timetable and pricing.




♠ I own dolls of most sizes from 30cm tinies to 70cm males, and can thus make loose clothing for almost any size. However, for fitted clothing I will need to own the right type doll or one very similar, or I won’t be able to guarrantee the fit. I also won’t be able to sew for dolls that are a drastically different size from everything I own.

The bodies I can sew fitted clothing for are as follows:

Tinies Minis Large Special parts I can take into account

  • MsDoll tiny
  • Soom Teenie Gem



  • Narae 43cm small bust
  • DIM G.S.E large bust
  • Withdoll female large/small bust
  • Withdoll new male
  • Dollzone old 1/4 boy
  • Azone AZ02 body (G bust)



  • B&G old boy body
  • Volks Dollfie Dream (DDS, DD, DDdy)
  • Withdoll Senior girl (large/small bust)
  • Iplehouse EID female (M bust)
  • Luts Delf boy
  • Luts Senior Delf boy
  • Souldoll Zenith Female /SM SG new female
  • Soom SG male & female (old type)
  • Dollshe old Hound body
  • Dollshe pure body



  • Souldoll Shiva 4-arm torso
  • Soom SG Vesuvia tail part
  • Soom Sard/Arkose feet
  • Soom Glati hooves
  • Withdoll Priscilla armours
  • Souldoll Justitia armours


♠ If you want to commission clothing for a size I do not own, please let me know the bust, waist & hip measurements + any other important measurement for the clothing in question, and I will see if any of my dolls are close in size. If you’re in the EU, you can also send your doll’s body in the mail.
-As for a mnf girl: I don’t own one, but the Withdoll body is so close that I can make most clothes (though I may need additional measurements). Just understand that the clothes might look a little different on them because of differences in body shape and measurements.




♠ I make each piece of clothing specifically for my customers and charge for the materials + time it takes me. This includes making the pattern or modifying an existing one. I can not give an exact price for the commission before I’m finished with it, but once I know what I will be doing, I can give an estimate.

Example prices of clothing I have sold:
Pants/Jeans 28-35€
Side-opening pants for Soom special legs 40-50€
Casual shirts 15-20€
Corsets: 45-70€
Winter coats: 50-90€
Fully lined MSD kimonos: 90€
MSD fantasy uniforms: 160€




♠ If the commission requires me to acquire the fabrics or other materials (from physical store or online order) or it’s a particularly large commission, I will ask for a 30% down payment of the price estimate before I begin the commission. In other cases I only require payment once I am done with your commission. I will ship within 3 business days once I have received full payment + shipping fee. In the case that you can not pay once I am done, I will put the outfit up for sale on my Etsy.
–I may ask for the down payment also if I see you have negative feedback somewhere.

Please understand that I will not copy another artists designs without their permission, or repeat very character specific commissions for other people. Something similar will usually be alright, as long as it differs from the original enough (both in colour and style). Eg. Cosplay purpose outfits are fine, but if I have made someone an outfit for their original character that has specific details made, I will not repeat it for another person.




♠ All my prices are in Euros and include PP fees. However, if you want to buy the commission through my Etsy store, additional fees will incur.

♠ I accept Paypal (CC & balance) as well as European bank transfer.

♠ All payments must be sent in Euros.




♠ I ship worldwide from Finland. Shipping options are as follows:
-Priority airmail (no tracking, no insurance)
-Registered mail (limited tracking)
-Insured mail* (limited tracking + insurance)

♠ I will ship most commissions with airmail as default, but for the more expensive outfits, I prefer to use registered mail as it is more secure.
*Insured mail is not available to every location.

♠ I do not require insurance. Please keep in mind that if you do not choose insurance, I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit unless the item is misaddressed or poorly packaged.



Example works ⚔

More examples can be found in my flickr album.


Face ups –CLOSED–

I am closing my face up shop for a while to catch up with my current commissions and to allow more time for my current sewing projects. I will probably open up again closer to summer, when the weather gets better for painting.

I have been painting resin BJDs for almost as long as I’ve been sewing for them, but I only painted my first Dollfie Dream in 2015, so they are a new thing for me. I have been accepting BJD face up commissions since 2007 as well.

PLEASE NOTE, I am located in Finland and only accept heads from the EU right now. If you live outside the EU, we can discuss it, but any heads arriving to me will be subject to customs charges unless they’re underdeclared (and sometimes even then).

Some example works:

More can be viewed in my flickr album.


::::::::::::::::::::: Materials

Mr. Super Clear Flat
Chalk pastels (prismacolor, conté, rembrandt) +sometimes Amsterdam acrylics
Tamiya X-22 gloss

Acetone free nailpolish remover for removing a face up


::::::::::::::::::::: Pricing

Face up (SD/MSD); 42€
Face up (~30cm tinies); 32€
**Face up (DD); 58€
*Addons; 5€ and up
Ear piercing; free
Lashes; 3.5€ (basic lashes), or free (if you supply the lashes)
Face up removal; 7€

*Extras in the face up, such as large tattoos, scars, beards, full face freckles or other markings. (A few freckles, moles or small tattoos do not add to the price.)

Shipping fees from me to you will be added to the prices. Under normal circumstances I will be using registered mail, but insured mail is available to some countries as well. Priority and EMS packages are options as well, but they’re much, much more expensive.

Payment with Paypal or European bank transfer (small discount with this method)


**Dollfie Dream disclaimer
Due to the nature of the material, there is a chance that the pastels and/or acrylics I use, seep into the vinyl. Some pigments will not come off as the face up is removed and might need stain removal or to be covered by a new face up. I seal the face before and after painting, but some pigments are very persistent and will stain despite this. Sending vinyl heads to me means that you accept this risk. I am not responsible for staining caused by the face up.


::::::::::::::::::::: Process

♠ I would prefer to get a clean head to begin with, but I will remove an old face up for an extra fee of 7€. I have a habit of cleaning heads some more when they arrive to me -I don’t charge extra for this unless the head is really dirty. I use acetone free nailpolish remover for the job. PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t want me to use the remover on your doll, mention this to me and send it to me properly cleaned. I will not start a face up on a head that has face up or sealant residues left on it.

♠ I coat the face up several times during my process, so I can not dramatically change anything afterwards, if you’re not happy. Darkening and adding is possible.

♠ I’ll paint the head and send you photos before gloss and eyelashes, unless otherwise asked. At this point I can still add to and darken the face up.
— If you’re not at all happy at this point and you want me to re-do the whole thing, I charge 10€ extra
— If you want to be notified of the process more often, mention it to me before I start. It will slow down my process considerably, though.

♠ Under normal circumstances, I will send your head back within 1-2 weeks. I will let you know if it takes longer (very possible especially in the fall and winter when there’s high humidity and only a few hours of daylight).

♠ I would prefer to be paid up front but it’s not necessary in all cases. If you can provide me with good feedback from previous transactions on some other platform, I can wait to charge you until after the face up is done and you’re happy with it. I will not send the head back before I have received payment.


::::::::::::::::::::: Other info

♠ I also do simple tattoos, markings, scars and manicures.

♠ I glue lashes in for free if they’re sent with the head. I can also trim larger lashes to fit a doll. I have some basic lashes in basic colours (blond, brown, black) that I can attach for an extra fee of 3,50€.

♠ I don’t do bodyblushes. Hands/feet/manicures are alright.

♠ I will absolutely not copy another artists’ work.
— I accept example photos but I will paint the face up with my own style.

♠ I am ready to try new things. If you haven’t seen me do something before, ask and we’ll discuss it.

Please take into consideration: Due to my methods and the materials I use, the quality of my face ups can suffer greatly if the head has been modified and/or it’s very old/battered/scratched. I may not be able to finish the face up in these cases, so please notify me of this beforehand and we’ll discuss it. I primarily use chalk pastels (even for lines) and they just do not stick to rough/dented/modded resin the same way as to an even surface. This will show especially in darker face ups.


::::::::::::::::::::: Ordering

Questions? Email me.

Interested in a face up? me the following:

Doll type
Personality (not a must, may help me with picturing the face up)
Face up: Expression, main colours, dark/goth/fantasy/light/natural style? What kind of eyebrows/eyeshadow/lower lashes/lips do you want? +Extra notes like small details, scars, pierced ears etc. Anything you can think of. Photos are alright to use as a reference.

You don’t have to specify everything, but you can. I may ask for more information but if you want me to have free reign, I can do that as well. I do best if I know at least the expression and preferred colour theme. You can also send a wig and/or eyes with the head if you want them to match the face up.

Please add a face mask with the head -it’s mainly to protect the lashes, so if you don’t want them, the mask isn’t needed. But if you do want lashes and do not send a mask, I can’t be held responsible for the lashes getting mushed in transit.

You absolutely must pack the head into a durable cardboard box -preferably with more padding than less. A bubblewrap envelope is absolutely not a safe way to send a head! But also notice that too large a box will increase the shipping price unnecessarily, so find something that the head just fits in with a few layers of padding.

I may add photos of the finished face up into my portfolios (flickr, doll forums). Please let me know if you absolutely don’t want me to post it anywhere or mention your name/nick.