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Soom 2012 SG female body comparison + review

I shot these at mizya’s place about 7 months ago, but then forgot about them. I also had a few demonstrative videos of the posing, but I seem to have accidentally deleted them or moved them somewhere else, since I’ve switched phones after that and they were shot with my phone camera. I will add them later if I happen to come across them, but I’m afraid they’ve been deleted.

This is otherwise kind of late, too, because the new Soom female SG body has been around since 2012 after all. But I haven’t really handled it much as I never bought one for myself. I got to borrow this one from kesakeru for this purpose.

First we have a comparison with some other dolls of the same size, and then a small review of a few of the joints.
(So sorry about the quality of the photos: the light was bad and there was not enough backdrop)

Oasisdoll Chic body (ns) > old Super Gem female (pv) > New 2012 Super Gem female (tawny) > old Souldoll Zenith double (ws)

As you can see, the new SG body is the shortest: both the shoulders are the lowest and the neck is short so she says short. Old SG is tallest, though Zenith has the longest legs (those girls are all leg).

The new SG also has the shortest neck and sharpest turn at the base, making her stand quite stiffly compared to all the others. Both the new SG and Oasis doll have quite boxy shoulders as well, but due to the sculpting elsewhere in the torso, the Oasisdoll looks much more relaxed.

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Withdoll Senior Male comparison

I was supposed to do this months ago, but I was lazy. However, today I took it upon myself to clean my doll shelf, so I did this while all the boys were out anyway. Some of them got a change of clothes while I was at it.
I don’t have any current or new boy bodies to compare this to, because all my boys are oooold. My other white skin boys are also basically cream white like the Withdoll body, but they’re so old and yellowed that they make the Withdoll look snow white, although it isn’t. My backdrop wasn’t big enough either, but I made do with what I had.

The Withdoll body I have is still the prototype 62cm version. The 64cm version sold with the basic Alan is taller and has wider shoulders.

So, here we go:

Dollshe 18M Pure (Rosen head) -> Soom Super Gem (Sard head) -> Luts Senior Delf type1 (Elysium Ban head) -> Withdoll Senior male 62cm (Alan elf head) -> Luts Delf type1 (K-Doll Kamyu head)

Not much to say. The Senior Delf and Withdoll are exactly the same height, but the SDF is slimmer.

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azo2 vs obitsu 48cm (vs DDS/DD) comparison photos

I haven’t been able to find very good comparisons of the AZO2 body with the other Obitsu bodies Azone uses for their bigger doll line, so I thought I’d do this set because I have them both and DDs home.

The AZO2 body is on the same frame as the slimmer obitsu bodies and I think the limbs are regular obitsu parts as well, but the torso is azone’s own design (or obitsu made for azone? I’m not sure). I’m not so familiar with obitsu that I’d know exactly what arm and thigh pieces the AZO2 body uses either, but I guess they’re from obitsu’s lineup in some size.

Dollfie Dream III (M bust), Dollfie Dream sister (S bust), AZO2 50cm (G bust), Obitsu 48cm (L bust)

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Zenith comparison continues with clothes on

So, remember this comparison I did?

Well, I keep hearing about how the chest joint is “more aesthetically pleasing” in little clothing, such as lingerie. Something which has always puzzled me personally. Maybe I just don’t find regular joints ugly, because I find that even though the torso does get cut with waist joints, the doll is still pretty in lingerie and swimwear. These dolls are supposed to have joints, it’s normal, so not everything has to be hidden. Personally, the dolls with legs strung together so that there’s no visible gap for the string at the top of the thighs kind of freak me out because they look so weird. I also have dolls that do not go around in their undies, so “ugly” joints wouldn’t bother me under the clothes. What DOES bother me is when the whole silhouette gets distorted by weirdly placed joints. I do not like broken-looking dolls. And my dolls will get distorted because I use the joints the dolls have.

So, I took a few photos of the Zenith bodies in ‘revealing’ clothes to compare the look of a chest joint with a lower one. Unfortunately I don’t have a lingerie set for this size, but a corset-like top and a cropped top should do the trick all the same. Also, the old Zenith body doesn’t have a waist joint either, but it’s lower than a chest joint and the same size so I can use the exact same clothes for it for a more accurate comparison. With a waist joint, it would obviously be visible with a cropped top, but I’ve never seen a hard-edged waist joint and it never creates the same kind of a bump in a weird place – it’s just basic human anatomy.

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Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) review

Mizya and I were able to get Withdoll’s new SWD girls a bit ahead of everyone else, to review the dolls and show everyone a different styling. We received them today and took some photos of the body before getting to the painting. This is still a prototype of the body and they might make improvements to it before the final release.

I have the Margery head on the SWD body in these photos. She wears a 8-9″ wig and 16mm eyes. I had hoped that 14mm would be fine for her, because I have plenty of those but no, they make her starey.

First of all, I compared the SWD to the mini girl. They’re both gray skin and it’s worth noting that although Pris is from 2011, the colour is pretty much the same (with the exception of Pris having yellowed). WD colours are very consistent.

The Margery is very similar to Priscilla. But her nose is smaller & softer and her eyes are much larger, making the bigger doll actually look younger. I do wish the head was slightly smaller all in all (if she wore 7-8″ wigs and 14mm eyes, it’d be quite perfect).

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Souldoll Zenith female new double vs old double +Review

Okay, so I bought the new Zenith body for Iria although I didn’t like photos of it much and there isn’t much info on it yet. I just don’t like to own more than one of the same body, so I went for it despite the reservations I had. I was also looking forward to the legs that seemed much more stable than on the old double body.

Lol, I asked Souldoll to not string her so tight for the shipping (because their dolls always arrive so tight it’s a surprise they survive the shipping and it’s a pain to take them apart). They said sure, and I expected to get a noodle that I have to tighten. But nope: she arrived strung perfectly. I had no issue changing her hands or feet with just my fingers as tools and yet she’s firm enough to hold any poses. From now on, I’ll always ask for more loose stringing when I order dolls from them. xD

So, this is my comparison and review of the Souldoll new Zenith double body (vs. old Zenith double). I apologize for all the possible typos, I’m too tired to proof-read this right now.

Fair warning: I don’t have that much good to say about it. If I didn’t have the old body to compare to, I might’ve given it a better review. These are my opinions, though I tried to be as impartial as possible. The pictures also speak for themselves. I didn’t explain that much about the old body because it’s been around for a long time and I’m sure there are reviews of it somewhere.

The new body is always on the right side of the image.


Side by side the sizes are pretty much the same. The older body is a little bit taller, although the new body has longer legs. The postures are different as well. The new body has a more curved back in her default pose, which makes her push her chest out. The shape of the upper torso is also different but more about that later.

They can both stand in the same way, but the old body is less stable in the knees, so I didn’t push the legs together as much to not lose balance here. The new body can stand with her legs wider apart but you have to rotate the whole leg a bit because her knees don’t rotate at all. The ankles in the new body are much better: very stable. I tend to use boots with the old body to give her ankles support.

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Resin comparisons

Something I did today. I asked Withdoll for some of the colours I’m missing as samples, and they sent them all. xD An army of feet. I took out other company dolls and parts while I was at it.

D-storic milky white and Withdoll white are both paper white. Souldoll is the next whitest and after that the newer Soom, Fairyland and WD cream white match. WD rose white looks like Dream of Doll’s current normal skin (I don’t have it anymore, though). And so on…

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