Withdoll vs Souldoll males (mini sizes)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve had some life stuff and haven’t really played with my dolls and if I have, I haven’t done full shoots that I’d feel have enough content to post here… with onee exception that I just forgot about.. need to fix that soon.

I’m back with a quick comparison that I promised to do back in April. But I only own one of the dolls and we haven’t gotten together with our dolls with mizya in forever, so it took me/us this long.

The Withdoll boy (with sanded down muscles) is mine and the Souldoll guys belong to mizya. All photos are taken by mizya and apologies for the shadows and random colors, it’s wintertime and there’s like no light so we had to improvise.

Always from left to right: Withdoll junior boy (custom ns), Souldoll N.L. boy (grey skin), Souldoll Vito male, shown joints ver (sandy brown)

Heads are Taren, Kyron and Berial human.

The heads are all very similar in size, but with Souldoll, the size of the face varies a lot even within a line (it’s so apparent in my Zeniths especially) so no guarantees that the proportions are always the same. xD

This is here cause uhh… just look at that NL body. It absolutely refused to stand any other way out of the box with Souldoll stringing and no sueding. I tried for minutes to just stand it normally but no, the ankles would flop around any way other than straight. The ankles are just useless and I don’t recommend those to anyone. Close up. (Do check out the new kids double jointed boy body that has proper wrist and ankle balls!)
You can fix it with sueding and new strings (proof#1 & proof#2) but out of the box…. that is not cool.

Sueding also fixes the lean-back of the NL body but for Vito you can’t do much. He doesn’t sit very well and out of all of these guys, his head is the only one that’s actually leaning on the wall. He just leans back and the torso joint is horrible so you can’t smoothly bend it slightly forward. It only moves in increments and greates giant gaps.

I hope that was useful for someone at least. :3

1 thought on “Withdoll vs Souldoll males (mini sizes)

  1. You can fix it with sueding and new strings (proof#1 & proof#2) but out of the box…. that is not cool.

    ^ I’ll add that in that comparison the White skin boy is the first version of the Soulkid NL body and I have also strung him from head to ankles (old-fashioned style) instead of stringing the legs separately from the torso like Souldoll strings them. It might play a part on why the legs function better. Pliver sueding also helps a lot, I’d assume hot glue can do the trick as well if you don’t have access to pliver.

    The first version of the body’s hidden joints were really terrible and caused the thigh parts to crack (photo), which is why they’re a bit different on Kyron with the renewed version of the body. I still think the hidden joints are utter rubbish, though. Glad to see that the newest Kid boy body has much more functional looking joints. Especially the wrist and ankle balls are something I’ve missed A LOT.

    Vito’s double joints in the elbows and knees are the best things ever, but yeah – the shape of the upper part of his thighs make it hard for him to sit without falling back… and that torso joint is even more useless than the one on Soulkid NL boy. -__- I’ve got a post about Vito’s posebility in my blog.

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