Nature of Research

I will be re-doing this scene as a proper story at some point when I finally have all the props needed. But for now I just really wanted to try it out. :D I need to make more old paperwork and a better table and and… I need other props too.

I’d especially love one other doll to be present there too, but I don’t know if that’ll be possible.

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Story: Epilogue

Okay, Finally. This only took me 4-5 months, but oh well. It still worked out because I was never planning on doing a straight continuation. And time isn’t really of importance to these guys. xD

Now I can slowly do other stories… and Mizya already gave me an idea for one and told me to do it. Thanks.


Somnion could still feel traces of the magics performed here, although months had passed.

But that wasn’t all: faint memories of strong feeling were also left behind. He could feel the pain, the sadness and the anger that had come to pass in this place.

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Story: Soon

They were back, with great anticipation in the air. The pair had trained and rested plenty, and now the fragment dimension created by Llyr had vanished.

Their only choices were to either run or stay and stand their ground against the Clan.

It was strange to be back. The air and the scents were different. As were the sounds.

This reality was much clearer, while the fragment had been musty and almost smothering with all the magic in the air. Here Tanith could breathe freely

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