Story: Soon

They were back, with great anticipation in the air. The pair had trained and rested plenty, and now the fragment dimension created by Llyr had vanished.

Their only choices were to either run or stay and stand their ground against the Clan.

It was strange to be back. The air and the scents were different. As were the sounds.

This reality was much clearer, while the fragment had been musty and almost smothering with all the magic in the air. Here Tanith could breathe freely

A soft thud sounded right next to the demon couple, and they both turned to look, their guard immediately up.


It was the elder demon.

The demon bowed in a formal manner, [Greetings, old friend.]

Tanith would assume the action a jest were it anyone but him doing it. When Khepre did it, however, she got the feeling of an ancient courtesy.

“Old friend?! You wouldn’t help us when we needed it, and now you dare just show up and—”

Llyr silenced her with a raise of his arm.

He shook his head at his companion.

“Greetings” the demon returned the bow.

“Your debt to me has been paid, do not mind her.”

“But we do wonder, how managed to reach us so quickly?”

Tanith was also worried. If their arrival could be felt clearly, the Clan could be upon them much sooner than they would be ready.

[I just happened to be in the vicinity when I felt a portal opening.] He paused. [I am well versed in dimensional travel, and sensing an opening is a small feat. Do not worry, the crack was not very large.]

He explained, as though he had read their minds.

[I was training my nephew here, you see.] The elder demon motioned his hand toward the unchanging forest.

Llyr looked in the direction he had shown: “I see… he has grown much stronger.”

Tanith couldn’t see nor sense anything, and felt a stab of isolation. Hers were no match to Llyr’s eyes.

“He will keep on growing stronger.” Llyr commented, seeing the young demon’s potential.
[It does seem so.]
“In due time, he will probably even surpass you, Khepre.”
[Yes, I expect he will.]

“Teach him well, then.”

A power that strong could wreak destruction on a dimensional scale, if it weren’t properly directed and contained. But Llyr suspected the Wanderer knew what he was doing.

[Yes… and I see you are heading to war with the Hunters.]

Tanith turned to look at Llyr’s acquaintance. She knew he was perceptive, but to know of their intent…

“We will end this… Although we will most likely not survive their soldiers…”
[I would not be so certain… that Kilbas is a powerful as he is fickle.] The Hunter Slayer smiled curiously.

“We are a fugitive and a betrayer with information of their works, surely they will not spare the manpower”

[Well, do be vigilant in your task at the very least. Nobody knows how the future will unfold.]

The demon was ever more cryptic, which irritated Tanith.

[I wish you luck, and bid you farewell.]

And with that, the demon was gone.

Llyr bowed his head after him.

Tanith was afraid to open her mouth, though she wondered where Llyr’s respect for the demon came from. Wasn’t it Llyr who had helped him in the past?

“We should start our preparations.. the Clan will be on us soon.”

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