Not a flight weather

This is super repetitive but I was in a hurry and the wind was strong. I started changing Nion’s clothes to something I could dig up (because I haven’t found fabric for his winter version outfit yet) and while I was fighting with him, the light started fading. The dude is a total noodle although it’s not long since I’ve changed his strings. Crappy things, they’d stretched a ton. I took like 7cm off and he’s sturdy again but who knows for how long. I’m always surprised by how pretty he is when he’s in front of the camera, for real. =u=

Anyway, I didn’t have time to get changed to proper winter gear either, so I got wet (too). I’ll try for more poses and variety next time. ):3

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Sales and stuff

I’m selling some of my older dolls (and newer) that I don’t do much with anymore or that don’t really work for me. I have a fixed sales page in this blog (^ the link is up there ^) in case someone hasn’t noticed. I just sold the new body I got for Fenrir, because his head just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I still need to take good photos of the head and sell it as well, but I’m not sure if anyone will want him. He’s such an old and unknown mold.

But what makes me really sad is his sister, Hati. I’ve finally decided to let her go. I’ve been holding on to her because of how gorgeous her body is and how well it poses, but her huge head and thin neck has been bothering me for so long. The aesthetic just doesn’t work for me anymore, although she is absolutely gorgeous. I just hope someone will give her a good home.

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Battle landings

I received some stands and took Somnion out for some wing photos right away. Well, tested them with Yuyu first, but I’ll do a separate post for her later.

The poses are kind of repetitive, but I was again just trying to get one shot. Until I got really into it and started testing things out. Nion was constantly surrounded by mosquitoes though and I had to photoshop a ton of them out. >_> Very annoying.

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Story: Negotiation

Okay, so so so sorry these are horrid flash photos. I had no other choice and then I had to quit before I was even done because my flash ran out of batteries. And though I used every battery I could get my hands on, I wasn’t able to get more than a few extra shots. But I got most of what I wanted covered, so I guess it’s okay. Still sorry about the horrid quality. I wasn’t able to give Yami the expressions she needed because there were no proper shadows to play with. Stupid weather. I shot this a few weeks ago but didn’t really have the energy to write it up before now.


The Spider’s Lair was surprisingly cozy and glamorous. It even smelled nice and flowery.

Somnion had been expecting something dark and dank.

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Magic cast

I finally got myself a dragon. :D :D Well, Nion got himself one. I was supposed to get a coloured one (dark brown metallic) originally, but then I changed it to dark red metallic after seeing photos of that. I even received photos of the finished dragon,but then Cuarto completely dropped all communication with me and I just did not feel comfortable sending that much money to someone who takes weeks to reply even when they’re being fast. I get that they’re busy with sculpting the wings and making winged orders (for Russians that most likely jumped ahead of the preorder queue) but really, it doesn’t take two minutes to send an email to your customer. :/ And for the record, I waited for word on payment and shipping for 3 months, and the whole time the doll had already been cast, so it’s not like I didn’t give them time to get back to me.
In the end, I bought this white one second hand from the person who was helping me communitate with Cuarto. :3 She’s nicknamed “Sooty” for now, until I can do the story where she appears and Nion names her.

I got her yesterday but I spent the whole day painting and then restringing her. I didn’t really get to play with her at all before she fell apart… literally. I tilted the head back to look at the attachment and the elastic escaped. :D;; And then it took me hours to put her back together because I changed her into a lot thicker string that required some… interesting alternatives. She’s a bit tight though and I ran out of elastic, so I just put in an order for more. Not touching her stringing until then. I still need to paint the other head.

I’ve been planning this photo for months. I was already anxious to do it in March (which was when I received word that the red dragon was ready to be assembled and shipped) so I’ve really had time to plan it. Too bad my concentration wasn’t 100% on the pictures. I came back with a dozen mosquito bites on my butt and thighs. The suckers are distracting and I only had repellent on my upper body. But oh well, I’m quite happy with these… Once I’ve re-strung Nion I might take more with different poses. This time my priority was to get one shot.

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Nature of Research

I will be re-doing this scene as a proper story at some point when I finally have all the props needed. But for now I just really wanted to try it out. :D I need to make more old paperwork and a better table and and… I need other props too.

I’d especially love one other doll to be present there too, but I don’t know if that’ll be possible.

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Ice King

Oh my, I’m so happy with how these turned out. I haven’t really played with lamps in forever. And the interesting thing is that I did it now when the days are actually pretty light -and not in the winter when lamps were the only option. xD

I worked with Nion a bit today and gave him some new pliver and a few silicone discs in hopes of making a few of his more problematic joints work better. I have a few more photo ideas lined up for him and I hope I get to try those out soon.

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Story: Epilogue

Okay, Finally. This only took me 4-5 months, but oh well. It still worked out because I was never planning on doing a straight continuation. And time isn’t really of importance to these guys. xD

Now I can slowly do other stories… and Mizya already gave me an idea for one and told me to do it. Thanks.


Somnion could still feel traces of the magics performed here, although months had passed.

But that wasn’t all: faint memories of strong feeling were also left behind. He could feel the pain, the sadness and the anger that had come to pass in this place.

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Sindri’s gate

Something I’ve been planning for days but never had the right weather for. Well, today I got sick of waiting and got my camera stand from the basement and made this happen, although the light was sucky. But well, dolls are great models because they stay still and produce sharp photos even with super long shutter speeds. :D
I also modified the Souldoll dress. The collar was just too high and made her small head look kind of dumb, so I removed it and re-shaped the neckline. It could be better but will do.

These are all very similar, again, because I only needed one shot. One of these days I will have an actual shoot, too.

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