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I’m selling some of my older dolls (and newer) that I don’t do much with anymore or that don’t really work for me. I have a fixed sales page in this blog (^ the link is up there ^) in case someone hasn’t noticed. I just sold the new body I got for Fenrir, because his head just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I still need to take good photos of the head and sell it as well, but I’m not sure if anyone will want him. He’s such an old and unknown mold.

But what makes me really sad is his sister, Hati. I’ve finally decided to let her go. I’ve been holding on to her because of how gorgeous her body is and how well it poses, but her huge head and thin neck has been bothering me for so long. The aesthetic just doesn’t work for me anymore, although she is absolutely gorgeous. I just hope someone will give her a good home.

I’m planning on re-shelling both Hati and Fenrir (and Skoll, too) in the future as more current molds, but I really haven’t thought about them yet. I also don’t know where to get a female body I’ll love as much as this one. The siblings in old photos, lol:

I’m also not giving up on the Delf body, and I will buy one from Luts again at some point, but the problem is that they don’t really make faces that I like. I would hybrid, but I want the body in tan, so resin matching would be a pain. So, instead I might just buy either of the SDF anime-styled heads to go with it and hope they fit, as Luts doesn’t have photos and won’t provide me with any (I asked them). Grr. Also with a tan doll I won’t be able to mod the elbows like I did with Hati. Uugh. But at least I can remove that damn stopper.

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  1. Awh, Hati on minusta aina ollut yksi ihanimmista nukeistasi. Ymmärrän tosin, että joskus sitä nukkejutuissa liikuksii eteenpäin, eikä jokin nukke enää toimi omalla kohdalla. Toivon että tyty saa hyvän uuden kodin.

    1. Minäkin pidän Hatista ulkonäöllisesti kuvissa, ja livenäkin rakastan tuota kroppaa, mutta on se aika keltainen (noin vaaleaksi stailatuksi nukeksi) ja sitten tuo ohut kaula on todella häiritsevä. Ei ole ainoa vanhempi nukke joka ei meinaa enää toimia minulla, niin pitää katsoa myynkö noita vanhempia tipoittain pois sitten. Minun on vähän vaikea innostua uusistakin nukeista kyllä. Joku kymmenen vuoden kriisi varmaan iskemässä tässä. Oikein vanhojen tyyli ei inspaa, mutta ihan uusissa tökkii sitten joku muu. Ehkä suurimmaksi osaksi se, etten oikein pidä millaisia kroppia kaikki firmat nykyään tekevät. Saisi uusia päitä vanhoissa kropissa niin olisi aika rakkaus.

  2. Aw, it’s a little sad to see you let her go, it seems you’ve had her for a long long time right? But sometimes you just need some change in your characters to gain a fresh perspective on everything! T_T; good luck with your sales.

    1. Yeah, Wednesday (the 17th) would actually be her 7th ‘birthday’. I feel really bad about selling her too, because I do love the look of her: she takes gorgeous photos. But every time I play with her, I’m so bothered by her thin neck that it puts me off.
      I actually have a number of dolls I’m a bit unhappy with… I’m sort of struggling to find the inspiration with them the way I used to, but I’m hoping that renewing my collection bit by bit might help.

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