Modding a GSE torso.

I finally had it with my DIM GSE body. I have it for Lilya, and since she’s one of my human characters, she actually needs to know how to pose naturally. Especially to sit. (My fantasy characters mostly just stand around so posing for them isn’t as necessary.) And her body is otherwise very flexible, but is has one huge flaw: a boob joint. Not only does it not move well, but when it does it makes her boobs smaller when bending it forward -which I do, because I want her to sit naturally (I wish) and it gives her a ginormous hunchback at the end of the arched back. Which is just downright unnatural.

So, I’ve been playing with the thought of glueing and epoxying the boob joint shut and just sawing her torso in half at the waist. Really, I’d prefer to just buy her a new body, but there are no options for her size. Her face is huge, and anything with shoulders less than 9cm (including arms) is just too small. Her body is too tall for her, way too tall, but again, since she needs wide shoulders there are no options for shorter bodies. Except the one she came with: Iplehouse JID, but I sold that for a reason. I will eventually try to get her a new head which is hopefully smaller than her current one, but I’m waiting for owner photos to confirm that it’s actually smaller in size.

But yes, as I am out of options, I decided to finally just go for the mod. It couldn’t possibly make her worse than she already is. I mean, all her other limbs work really well, so it’s a waste to have a useless torso. And it’s very long anyway, so shortening it is not a big issue.

I was asked to document the process, so I did. You can jump straight to the results, if you’re not interested in watching resin get sawed and sanded.

Okay, so let’s start from the very beginning:

Planning & prep

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