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Etsy update

Been neglecting my blog for a while. Sorry for not replying to comments either. I’ve been painting and sewing and there’s still tons and tons to do.

Currently I’m trying to work on matching dresses for Delmia and Prisca, a chiffon dress for sale and a new outfit for Iria. After that I should make a few SD shirt patterns, sew some msd shorts and unisex hoodies for sale. As well as a few “Dany dresses” for sale but I’m still missing some fabrics. :/

Yesterday, I updated my Etsy shop with some casual collection items (skirts and simple shirts). Some modeling photos:

Avis is cuuute in this get up. :D

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Re-did my Cynthia’s face up. The old one was messy and just really sad, but this time it came out good and only took me a couple of hours too. No problems and no need to fix it afterwards.

This first one looks like a ad for shampoo or something. xD