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Been neglecting my blog for a while. Sorry for not replying to comments either. I’ve been painting and sewing and there’s still tons and tons to do.

Currently I’m trying to work on matching dresses for Delmia and Prisca, a chiffon dress for sale and a new outfit for Iria. After that I should make a few SD shirt patterns, sew some msd shorts and unisex hoodies for sale. As well as a few “Dany dresses” for sale but I’m still missing some fabrics. :/

Yesterday, I updated my Etsy shop with some casual collection items (skirts and simple shirts). Some modeling photos:

Avis is cuuute in this get up. :D

These ruffle skirts are SUPER cute on Dollfie Dreams too. I really need to make an SD pattern of the sleeveless turtleneck and put it on Yuyu with the ruffle skirt. It’ll be way too cute. =u= I wanna make more of the skirts in different colours, but unfortunately the fabric store doesn’t have them at the moment. I only have more of the beige and dark brown fabric. Used up the teal and purple pretty much completely for these.

2 thoughts on “Etsy update

  1. Dang, you are so amazingly good at sewing :O All those ruffly skirts are just so nice, I especially like the first outfit coordination with all the polka dots!! x3

    1. Thank you. :D I’m really loving all the polka dots too and I’m somewhat tempted on having Avis keep that outfit. Must. Resist. I’d rather need to make her one of her own separately because these are all for sale, haha.

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