I’ve had a mini-hiatus from dolls. I actually sold the Big Dipper I received a while ago, because I just couldn’t get around to painting it and I felt bad about buying it in the first place. It wasn’t a planned purchase, and since I bought Ivy at the same time, it ended up as a pretty costly order, while I wasn’t very well off financially. I’d still need to get more stuff sold to feel better, too. I need to sew a lot. For sale and for my own dolls. =__=;;

A few days ago, I found an old music love again. A band I loved as a kid and when I was growing up, but that I hadn’t really listened to in a few years. I just put all the albums I have on my playlist and have been listening them about non-stop today and a few days ago too (Mizya visited here inbetween). It’s really nostalgic and lifting my spirits. Also the fact that I have some peace and quiet for like a week really invigorates me and hopefully gives me new energy to work.

Anyway, like I mentioned, Mizya visited. We had plans for a good amount of photos, but the postal service kind of ruined that by not getting a package to the PO fast enough. Mizy picked that up first and then came here and it was evening already then. Grr. But we went out later anyway and visited this old quarry again. However, we were a little late and the sun set behind the treeline before we were completely done. There were lots more photos I still wanted to take but alas, we ran out of time.

Before the quarry we visited the lake, and although be basically had the beach to ourselves (it’s been quite cool so no swimmers) we didn’t feel like taking photos because sun was so low and it was gloomy. Instead we wathed a crow family play around. :’D

This is all the photos I managed (I kind of wished that I’d taken Saya, but maybe I’ll go there again once she has better eyes?):

And since Mizya was there too, her dolls:

And then the sun set…

(This was at 22:22 :’D)

1 thought on “Sunset

  1. Music can always make me feel much better too~
    All the photos have such a wonderful golden touch to them. I guess that’s why they call sunset/sunrise the golden hour, huh? :3 It all looks romantic ~

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