Spring is here

Ahem, I knew there was a “snowstorm” coming today, so I was ready for some winter photos. Unfortunately the snow was kind of disappointing: instead of large snowflakes we got these really fast small ones in hordes. Luckily they did show up in photos, but half of them disappeared from the resized ones. < (`^´)>

I also had some setbacks: right as I was going outside with dolls in both hands and props + accessories in my arms, I managed to drop Seere’s Cuprit crown and it snapped in half. I had to superglue it back on with all my winter gear on and I got all drenched in sweat even before I was outside. And out in the forest my reflector decided to resign. Sigh. Had to fix that when I went back inside but it was no use after the first half of the photos. It was also snowing so much that everything kept getting covered and wet.

Then, the shoot itself took a strange turn, as you can see below. Tanith, look what you’re making Llyr do now that you’re no longer here. (。•́︿•̀。)

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The Stag

I got Llyr an armguard in the mail today. I would’ve gotten it on Tuesday already if customs hadn’t snatched it and demanded a HUGE 7€ ransom for it and then stalled with it for forever. The irony is strong because I also got a DC package that would’ve been worth like 5 or more times that and they let that one get through. Anyway, Llyr also has new-ish horns and a new-ish top+hood+sleeves so I thought it was about time I took at least some photos of him. Nothing amazing though, because I wasn’t really all that inspired.

Headshots only because I was too lazy to go properly into the forest to have a better background. ^^;

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Story: The Spider’s Lair

Oookay, let’s introduce Maramayami in a story. >:3 I’ve planned this ages ago already but I was waiting for a day with proper sunshine.


The lair was dimly lit with a few scented candles burning a surprisingly flowery scent into the air.

The Spider was there and she was everything she was described as and more.

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Our journey

I photographed some Llyr for a change. And of course Tanith was there too. This time she didn’t manage to steal the show, at least. xD I also re-made her top a few days ago, because the old one was just so embarrassingly bad. Llyr also got a new sleeveless and a vest but they were so plain (and the vest ended up too tight because of a mistake I made with the pattern) that I had to combine his outfit with a lot of weird things. It’s such a strange mismatch of stuff now. xD

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Story: Finale -part 1

Alright… we’re finally at the end of a chapter. Ending part one. I couldn’t have done this without help from mizya. She helped me drag everyone and my tools to the forest, helped me with the poses so that I didn’t have to worry about the dolls falling while I was shooting, and assisted with certain key shots and the super fabulous (right) battle. :D Thanks to her I managed to wrap this up (including the coming part2) in just about 2,5 hours. It cost us some finger freezing and a total toe freeze… twice. But I think it was worth it. Don’t know about anyone else, though. Comments would be greatly appreciated. :D


This was finally the moment. But neither of them had expected it to come this way.

The Hunter was alone.

No army, not even another soldier anywhere. Llyr had scanned the area thoroughly with his eyes that penetrated everything, and had seen no demons in hiding.

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Story: Soon

They were back, with great anticipation in the air. The pair had trained and rested plenty, and now the fragment dimension created by Llyr had vanished.

Their only choices were to either run or stay and stand their ground against the Clan.

It was strange to be back. The air and the scents were different. As were the sounds.

This reality was much clearer, while the fragment had been musty and almost smothering with all the magic in the air. Here Tanith could breathe freely

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