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More accurate profiles can be found in the profile section of my actual site here. In this list the characters are grouped according to the storyline they belong to.

#Human dolls, group 1

Dream of Doll Tender Yen (HEAD) 

Chun Yen 준옌

Name: Yen
Nationality: Korean
Short bio: Yen is an expert in Taekwondo. He’s married to Miy and is best friends with Cin.


Dream of Doll Mir 

Chun Miy 준미유

Name: Miy
Nationality: Korean
Short bio: Miy is always happy and in a good mood. She’s living in Finland and is married to Yen.


Withdoll Taren 

An Min Ki 안민기

Name: Min Ki
Nationality: Korean
Short bio: Cin’s younger brother and the heir to their parent’s restaurant business. Dating Mi Cha*.


Iplehouse Isar / Soudoll Kate 

Shirogane Lilya 白銀リリア

Name: Lilja, Lily
Nationality: Finnish
Short bio: Lilya is happy and temperamental. She works at the same company as Shige and is married to Hisoka* (=formerly Lilja Kivinen)


Bimong Narae N404/406 

Avis Hayes

Name: Avis
Nationality: Irish
Short bio: An energetic girl, studying to become a seamstress


Souldoll Jina 

Choi Ye Rin 최예린

Name: Ye Rin
Nationality: Korean
Short bio: Ye Rin is a little insecure due to not really being very good at anything other than baking (and she’s clumsy), but she’s still outwardly cheerful and has a contagious laugh.


Soom Idealian York 

An Chin 안진

Name: Cin
Nationality: Korean
Short bio: Yen’s best friend. He used to excell at Taekwondo, but was injured and can’t move his legs like he used to. Married to Yun Hee*.


* Mizya’s characters.

#Human dolls, group 2

Angelregion Diana 


Name: Sebille, Seb, Seby
Age: 22
Nationality: French
Short bio: Sebille has French roots but was born and raised in Finland (by her grandmother after her parents died). Married to Null.


Dollshe IM Hound (mod.) 


Name: ??
Age: ~30
Nationality: Scottish
Short bio: Mysterious assassin, who killed his own father at the age of six. Married Sebille.


MsDoll Pan 


Name: Camille
Age: 4
Nationality: French
Short bio: Sebille and Null’s energetic daughter. She’s strong-willed and cheerful.


Dollshe Rosen 

Demyan “Snake” Brilev Демьян Брилев

Name: Demyan
Age: 31
Nationality: Russian
Short bio: An assassin. Cold-hearted, cares about nobody and only works for his self-interest. (His name is an alias as well.)


Elysium Ban 

Reiji 令士

Name: Reiji
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
Short bio: Not much is known about Reiji. He’s said he’s travelled across the globe, despite his young age.


K-Doll Karon/Kamyu 

Xie Lin Xiang

Name: Lin
Age: 23
Nationality: Chinese
Short bio: Lin is a shy university student currently studying in Finland. He’s dating Fenrir.


#Fantasy dolls

Soom Glati 


Age: Ageless
Race: Spirit
Short bio: A small woodland entity; the voice of the forest.


Luts Delf Na-Nu-Ri 07 


Age: ~380
Race: Demon (An-Khanian)
Short bio: Nion was banished from breaking his tribes laws and ended up in this world amongst the humans.


Luts Delf Lu-Wen vp. 


Age: ~3400
Race: Demon (An-Khanian)
Short bio: Escaped his own world millenia ago and sought out Nion once he landed here.


Migidoll Vampire Ell (head) 


Age: ~2400
Race: Demon (An-Khanian)
Short bio: A traditionalist member of his clan who never approved of his free-spirited son, Somnion.


Soom Chrom 


Age: ~2000
Race: Demon
Short bio: A demon of magic from a destroyed world.


Soom Sard 


Age: ~1100
Race: Demon (Hunter, Shapeshifter, Descendant to the Ancients)
Short bio: Hunter demon of the forest. Unlike others of his kind, he only cares about his own circumstances.


Soom Onyx 


Age: ~3000
Race: Demon (Arachnid, Descendant to the Ancients)
Short bio: An ancient scorpion demon, descendant to the first demons. Does whatever she wants but stays away from politics.


Souldoll Shiva 


Age: ??
Race: Demon (Arachnid)
Short bio: Ancient spider demon, known by many names. Loves blue treasures of all kinds.


Soom Romantic Onyx (head) 


Age: Unknown
Race: Siren
Short bio: A siren of lakes and forest streams, luring travellers to their doom.


Souldoll Uha 


Age: 173
Race: Human
Short bio: Highborn girl, cursed by a demon to live forever. On a quest to kill the demon and regain her mortality.


Souldoll Paratiisi 


Age: ??
Race: Valkyrie
Short bio: A valkyrie who guides the souls of those fallen in battle.



Dollshe SA Rosen (heads) 

Sindri & Sigurd

Doll ages: Ageless
Race: An ageless gatekeeper
Short bio: Sindri is the gatekeeper to Freya’s eternal field and his twin, Sigurd, guards the gate to Valhalla.


Withdoll Light Vera (head) 


Age: ??
Race: Demon
Short bio: A magically very talented demon from an old family. Her mental strength makes up for her physical frailty.


Withdoll Dark Vera 


Age: ??
Race: Demon
Short bio: Era’s older sister, physically well trained and talented with weapons. Prefers to take on a role of protector for her sister.


#Fantasy dolls 2

Withdoll Priscilla 


Age: ??
Race: Demon
Short bio: A morbid demon girl, dedicated to her position in her father’s army.


Withdoll Nana 


Age: ??
Race: Demon
Short bio: Despite her cutesy looks: a wreckless fighter and a part of a large demon family.


Withdoll Rachel vampire 


Age: ??
Race: Demon
Short bio: Prisca’s twin, dedicated to making her miserable.


Bimong Narae N408 


Age: ??
Race: Naiad
Short bio: A water nymph from the tropics. A little vain and loves treasures.


#Creature dolls

Elfdoll Catsy 


Age: Unknown
Race: A cat?
Short bio: Muu is a mysterious little cat.


Doll Chateau Russel (mod) 


Age: Unknown
Race: A fox-thingy?
Short bio: A weird creature, afraid of spherical shapes.


Cuartosdolls Darkhorn 


Age: Less than a year
Race: Familiar
Short bio: Created by Somnion to assist and serve him.


#WIP characters

Dollshe Husky (head) 


Name: ??
Age: ??
Nationality/Race: ??
Short bio: ??


Group photo as of July 2015
Group x28

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