Azone: New things

I’ve had some updates in my Azone collection happening, and I’m getting a long awaited XS girl soon as well. Mostly so that she can wear the outfits I’ve bought for her despite not owning a doll of that size, lol. I couldn’t resist. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Pure Neemo sized girls or boys, although there are a few old releases I really like. But this size is just not for me. I don’t do anything with my 30cm BJD tinies either, because the size is just no inspiring. I like teeny, tiny things, and bigger things, but this is a size that falls just inbetween and doesn’t work for me. My Neemos don’t even get proper names because I’m unimaginative with them.
Anyway, I also managed to find a Rockin’ girl Yuzuha second hand for a really good price… some time last year (oops), so I bought her. She’s my favorite Yuzuha and possibly my fave Neemo as well, so it was a must instant buy as soon as she popped up.

In her default gear (that I had to sell, though).

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Random photos entry 1/2

I’m just throwing in DD’s and Azones into this thing, because I don’t want to make three separate entries. Sorry. :P (I tend to like things well categorized but sometimes there’s gotta be exceptions.) These two doll types are close enough anyway. The few BJD photos I have will get a second entry.

I had a long pause from dolls where I didn’t do much, but in the past month or two, I’ve been more active again and although I haven’t done many full shoots, I have single photos of several of my dolls. So, I’ll be posting all of those here for now. There are just 1-3 of each set, so it doesn’t make much sense to give them their own entries.

Starting with Yuyuka. I re-did her face up and I was taking test photos of her here. But the face photos were boring, so I didn’t resize any of those. I need to take new ones soon.

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Apple blossom meet

I attended a doll meet on May 28th, and I guess it was officially a BJD meet, but DDs and Azones kind of took it over. I didn’t take many photos because the time just flew by. I had intented to take nice shots from the other owner’s dolls too, but I should’ve done that _first_ because I then got stuck taking photos of Kiyori in the tree (posted those already). But anyway, these are the few general photos I took (mostly of the group photo) and the few Yukihi photos I had.

The attendants were: myself, mizya, Pihlajakoto, Turre, Sweetneat/Milly and Kesakeru.

DDs and Azones galore!

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Azone: A new, bigger arrival.

This one of those arrival entries… again.

I was finally able to get myself a large Azone! I’ve been seriously considering them ever since I got my first DDs, but I had some trouble getting one I wanted. My favorite faces are in the Black Raven series, but only Cecily is on the AZO2 body, which I prefer. I also like the first ver. Yui and Mahiro from the Happiness Clover series, but goddamn, they’re expensive! So, I’ve been waiting and watching quietly, until last November I managed to snatch the AZO2 body alone. However, our postal service messed up and had strikes and it took all of December to get to me -they were already sending it back to Japan (even after I’d paid the taxes for it!) until I exploded at them a little and they managed to deliver it back to me. It’s been sitting in storage since it’s arrival, while I’ve been looking at heads for it.

But now that I had the body, my options were open for the head, so I got back to the Black Raven series with my favorite faces. I watched as many older release Lilias, Lulunas and Amanes came and went -and even bid on a few, but their prices always climbed higher than what I was willing to pay. I know, there are a gazillion of the newer Lulunas and Lilias with the blonde/slightly brown hair and mismatched eyes about, but… I don’t like them. :c A head alone would’ve been ideal because I wouldn’t keep the body and the outfit probably wouldn’t fit the new body. I just recently missed out on a lot of the lovelies from the old releases (they’ve been popping up frequently lately), but that gave me hope: there are quite a bit of them on the market and they go for less than the Happiness Clover girls. Like waaay less, even with full outfits.

In the end, I didn’t get any of the releases I’d been looking at. I ended up just having to snatch this almost red-head Luluna from Mandarake, because… a red-head! And I love Luluna’s face probably the most out of these girls. I hadn’t considered this release before because she never pops up. The DS releases of the big girls are near-impossible to come about, especially for a reasonable price. :/ This girl didn’t have her stock outfit and Manda mentioned a cigarette smell, and she was still a bit more than what I was willing to pay (especially for a cigarette smelling doll without the default outfit -the ones on YAJ often end at a lower value even with an outfit). But with my birthday coming up, Mizya offered to pay a portion of her =u= ♥ so I was able to bring her home ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Aaand everything always starts with a box:

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