Azone: A new, bigger arrival.

This one of those arrival entries… again.

I was finally able to get myself a large Azone! I’ve been seriously considering them ever since I got my first DDs, but I had some trouble getting one I wanted. My favorite faces are in the Black Raven series, but only Cecily is on the AZO2 body, which I prefer. I also like the first ver. Yui and Mahiro from the Happiness Clover series, but goddamn, they’re expensive! So, I’ve been waiting and watching quietly, until last November I managed to snatch the AZO2 body alone. However, our postal service messed up and had strikes and it took all of December to get to me -they were already sending it back to Japan (even after I’d paid the taxes for it!) until I exploded at them a little and they managed to deliver it back to me. It’s been sitting in storage since it’s arrival, while I’ve been looking at heads for it.

But now that I had the body, my options were open for the head, so I got back to the Black Raven series with my favorite faces. I watched as many older release Lilias, Lulunas and Amanes came and went -and even bid on a few, but their prices always climbed higher than what I was willing to pay. I know, there are a gazillion of the newer Lulunas and Lilias with the blonde/slightly brown hair and mismatched eyes about, but… I don’t like them. :c A head alone would’ve been ideal because I wouldn’t keep the body and the outfit probably wouldn’t fit the new body. I just recently missed out on a lot of the lovelies from the old releases (they’ve been popping up frequently lately), but that gave me hope: there are quite a bit of them on the market and they go for less than the Happiness Clover girls. Like waaay less, even with full outfits.

In the end, I didn’t get any of the releases I’d been looking at. I ended up just having to snatch this almost red-head Luluna from Mandarake, because… a red-head! And I love Luluna’s face probably the most out of these girls. I hadn’t considered this release before because she never pops up. The DS releases of the big girls are near-impossible to come about, especially for a reasonable price. :/ This girl didn’t have her stock outfit and Manda mentioned a cigarette smell, and she was still a bit more than what I was willing to pay (especially for a cigarette smelling doll without the default outfit -the ones on YAJ often end at a lower value even with an outfit). But with my birthday coming up, Mizya offered to pay a portion of her =u= ♥ so I was able to bring her home ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Aaand everything always starts with a box:

Lulunaa~ And a kimono for mizya on top.

Really, Manda? This is how you fold your sales items?

Ee, I love the colour of this box. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

The back has a photo of both versions. There are quite a bit of the silver-haired ones about and I just lost one auction for her a few weeks ago. The price just climbed too high (though it was less expensive than this specimen, lol).

Yeah, no default outfit.

She’s soooo cute… and happy. :D

When I opened her, I was fearing for the worst and getting ready to wash her and get the smell out… but I really can’t smell it. She mostly just smells of strong plastic, like my AZO2 body does. Maybe the plastic smell has overpowered the cigarette in storage, or it never was that bad to begin with.

When I unwrapped her, I noticed that her feet had been turned to point up. I turned them down and the other foot broke. The plastic thing inside had snapped in half and the screw no longer holds on the soft plastic of the lower ankle part.

Lucky for me, I’m putting her on the AZO2 body, but I need to order new ankle parts before I sell this one. Oh well, I’m going to order other parts and a head for this body before I sell it anyway, so I’ll just add them to that order. But this would’ve been REALLY annoying if I didn’t have another body here with me. =__=

I tried screwing it back on but nope, it doesn’t hold anymore. (Cat came to inspect.) Plastic stuff like this is seriously effing useless once it breaks down once. Why do companies even make pieces like this out of plastic? =__=

Oh, but she seems quite happy about her severed foot.

“Hello, I will be your new body, don’t worry!”

Okay, so there’s no cigarette smell, her ankle is broken and… her hair is horrible. It feels somehow frizzy and it’s static as hell. And hard to comb.


Mr. Wig Mist (Leeke) and Mrs. Water Wax (Volks) to the rescue!

That wig mist has done absolutely nothing but scent my Leeke (or other) wigs, but I put a little bit on her and holy hell! The comb slides through the hair like knife through butter and it’s no longer static at all. It’s a miracle (I thought it was a long shot). Aand the bangs got some of Volks’ water wax. It’s my favorite wig styling product thus far. I used to have wax from Leeke but it always dried in the container really fast. =__=

Lookit how cute she is now!

A makeshift outfit. The shirt was Lilya’s -and I say “was” because it’s now too stretched for her to wear. And the skirt I made her quickly as well as the socks. The converse shoes she took from Cin, because I like how they let the feet magnets work through the soles. :3

Aand some quick photos of her outside because she’s just too cute. Though I haven’t learned to photograph her well yet: her mouth tends to disappear very easily. :/

I decided to name her Yukihi, written with 雪緋 (snow + scarlet). Because of her red hair and she was born in winter. :3 Haven’t thought much else about her character, except that she’s quite the extrovert and outgoing.

I also took a bunch of comparisons with AZO2, Obitsu 48cm, DDS and DD. I’ll post those soon. :3

2 thoughts on “Azone: A new, bigger arrival.

  1. Söpöläinen :3 Kauhesti kyllä taas tapahtui ja sattui, mutta onneksi tyty sentään pääsi kotiin. Suloiset vaatteet, tykkään noista tekemistäsi hameista.

    1. Kiitos. Oli kyllä kummankin osan kanssa kaikenlaista tapahtumaa. Vähän sama kun tuskasin ekan DD:n kokoamisen kanssa. x_x Hartsisten kanssa ei koskaan ole ollut näin vaikeaa.

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