Random photos entry 2/2

And now for the very few BJD randoms I have.

Miy is turning 11 next month. She’s been sitting in the same clothes in the same pose on my shelf for years, but a few months ago I took her out and made her new pants, yay. \o/ I love her despite never playing with her. She’s the oldest doll I have left (and my second doll ever). And I think she’d need a new fresh face up but with my track record, that will probably take a few years.

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A Magazine Shoot

This is so very out of character, because Sebille would NEVER be this close to Demyan willingly. He’s more of a random prop here, because otherwise this is in character for Sebille. At least in the past was because she was a model. I got her this Leeke wig because I had nobody else to get a blackberry colour for (not that you can see the colour well in these photos) and it kind of channeled her young self, so I had to style her accordingly.

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