Sales and stuff

I’m selling some of my older dolls (and newer) that I don’t do much with anymore or that don’t really work for me. I have a fixed sales page in this blog (^ the link is up there ^) in case someone hasn’t noticed. I just sold the new body I got for Fenrir, because his head just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I still need to take good photos of the head and sell it as well, but I’m not sure if anyone will want him. He’s such an old and unknown mold.

But what makes me really sad is his sister, Hati. I’ve finally decided to let her go. I’ve been holding on to her because of how gorgeous her body is and how well it poses, but her huge head and thin neck has been bothering me for so long. The aesthetic just doesn’t work for me anymore, although she is absolutely gorgeous. I just hope someone will give her a good home.

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Sindri’s gate

Something I’ve been planning for days but never had the right weather for. Well, today I got sick of waiting and got my camera stand from the basement and made this happen, although the light was sucky. But well, dolls are great models because they stay still and produce sharp photos even with super long shutter speeds. :D
I also modified the Souldoll dress. The collar was just too high and made her small head look kind of dumb, so I removed it and re-shaped the neckline. It could be better but will do.

These are all very similar, again, because I only needed one shot. One of these days I will have an actual shoot, too.

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