Death comes atop the Snow

It’s been years since we’ve had snow in December. Actually, it’s been a while since we’ve had this much snow all winter -let alone December. I approve. Prisca was the only one dressed for the occasion though, so she was my only choice for photos. But hopefully the weather will keep on being nice this winter and I’ll get photos of my other dolls too. I should do some winter-themed sewing as well.
The days are still super short, but we’ve passed the shortest day of the year, so they’re slowly getting longer again and I should have more inspiration for photos. I hope :3

Prisca has been wading in the snow in less clothing before. I’d link the shoot here but I’m in the process of updating my main site and it’s not ready yet, so I can’t. But hopefully I’ll find the time and inspiration to finish that process soon. I have too many dolls because uploading their profiles is killing me -and I haven’t/won’t even write all of them down in length for now. x_x

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Belated apple blossoms ( part 2 )

Alright, so I went through the other flower photos too, and edited a few of them. I took these on June 8th. Taking grey skinned dolls to a location with a lot of green is not very flattering, I know this, and yet I still took two of them there, what is wrong with me? These are not amazing, but at least there are flowers? (I’m trying very hard to ignore those damn dandelions, too.)

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The sun was out today for the first time in weeks. Unfortunately, just as I got to actually posing these two, clouds came and it got really dark. But since I’d taken the time to dress these two the night before (took like two hours due to having to iron the outfits and change limbs etc.) and set up the backdrop fabric, I thought: heck I’m not gonna stop without getting a single photo! Since it was dark already it was best to lengthen the exposure and I need a stand for that. So, I figured I might as well go all out with the pose (and take my time). Unfortunately it meant that I didn’t get a full shoot since just one took so much effort. So, the rest are pretty boring.

This is also the first time Delmia is wearing a uniform since changing her look. She had a dark theme before and wore a red and black uniform, but now that wouldn’t suit her anymore. Luckily I got this grey one back from Mizya since she sold her Apate in mini size and it suits Delmia well. Yay for not having to sew another one. Though, she does need a skirt of her own for it.

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Dark Red

I took Prisca outside today since it was finally sunny and there were a few red-ish leaves left. This is an old silk dress I made for Lilya when she was still a MNF but it had some issues. I started taking it apart to add something to the back, but then got bored I guess and left it unfinished. It’s been in a fabric pile for years until I finally dug it up last week and completely re-did the back. A little fix wasn’t enough because Prisca is a lot taller than a MNF and she’s wearing super high heels too. And now she basically has a new dress. :D

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(I’ll reply comments tomorrow, I’m too tired today. x_x)

Oh yay, today, I was able to try out a shoot I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The weather just hasn’t been really cooperating: whenever I start thinking about building a set on my bed, the sun goes away. And when I consider doing it on our balcony, it’s too sunny. Well, today I built it on the balcony after the sun had turned away, so HA! Beat it. The downside was that the sun was also going down so there wasn’t as much light as I would’ve liked. I had a really interesting reflector set up and then I brought in my fan and… it was interesting. :P

Anyway, Prisca and Delmia got matching dresses (finally, I’ve been thinking of making another one of this style for years) and I wanted to try some dynamic poses with them. Slightly repetitive with the poses but I wasn’t trying to get a full shoot out of this. I was, however, supposed to take some close ups but I forgot. Oh well, I really like the last two ones ♥

The test poses I started out with. I promise the rest are nicer.

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Etsy update

Been neglecting my blog for a while. Sorry for not replying to comments either. I’ve been painting and sewing and there’s still tons and tons to do.

Currently I’m trying to work on matching dresses for Delmia and Prisca, a chiffon dress for sale and a new outfit for Iria. After that I should make a few SD shirt patterns, sew some msd shorts and unisex hoodies for sale. As well as a few “Dany dresses” for sale but I’m still missing some fabrics. :/

Yesterday, I updated my Etsy shop with some casual collection items (skirts and simple shirts). Some modeling photos:

Avis is cuuute in this get up. :D

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Site update

I’ve just spent a few days cleaning up my domain. I was running a little low on space, so I took it upon myself to go through my photoshoots and remove anything that could be removed. As a result I freed up 590MB of domain space, so that was a lot of photos. Thousands probably. I should some day go through the stories as well and remove anything that’s not relevant for the story. And the misc/sewing/faceup folders that are full of misc stuff. Unfortunately that’s even more work and this was hard enough for now. I had to remove the links to those shoots from the galleries and update new shoots +make new images for new dolls. I definitely didn’t manage to do this sooner than last time. Lol, this update was long overdue.

BUT it’s done now, and I made a new layout for the site itself while I was at it. I don’t love it, but it works better on my resolution now that it’s centered again. I finally also admitted that I just will never write long profiles for all of my dolls, so I just removed everything I hadn’t written yet from the profile section. Maybe some day I’ll write at least Khepre, Kilbas, Llyr, Sigrun, Sindri and Sigurd, because I have them mostly thought out. Some day.

Unfortunately, some of my older images on forums, journals etc. places I’ve posted them to no longer work. I also removed a few newer shoots which means the images are broken in this blog too. I’ll go through the blog later and remove the broken entries altogether.

That’s it for now. I should do some sewing and painting.

Golden Evening

I took some big!Prisca photos yesterday although I didn’t get her her new eyes yet. The order arrived but the seller accidentally sent me the wrong size, so I have to wait some more. =__=

I’m not sure if I should separate her from my regular Prisca tag somehow or not. Same character, different doll, different size… I just love making my life complicated. ^^;

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Caged Bird

Took these last week but I was really lazy about updating. xD

At the same time I also changed the theme on my blog. Took me the whole day to customize it but it’s quite okay now. There are some settings I just could not find how to change, but oh well. Maybe some other day I’ll have the energy for them again. I should actually make a new layout for the main page too. And start working on my photobook… and sew.

I’m also waiting for a doll package but the lazyasses at the international airport have some Thursday-arrival-issues and can’t even manage to forward it to customs. And the customs is in the same place. =___=;;; I want my dollie~

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Battling Dragons

These are all kind of similar again. Especially the Delmia photos because I was running out of light and camera battery. It was blinking quite a while before I stopped and then I just quickly snapped some close ups of her (which happen to be my favorite photos of these) hoping that the camera wouldn’t die on me.

Anyway, just executing an idea I had. Some more to come if the weather gets better -or if I could at least get some light indoors. :I I’m kind of sad that the pose where Prisca has her hip out nicely doesn’t really show in photos. Bad angles, I guess but I was paying more attention to other things.

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Shadowy Dreams

I spent some time sewing for Prisca yesterday. This dress is completely pattern free and one of those styles that requires a lot of sewing by hand to make it extra neat. Well, the separate sleeves are kind of sloppy because I just winged them on the machine this morning, but the dress itself needed a lot of detailing. Pretty much only the hem is machine sewn (serged to be more exact), so it took quite a while to make.

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