I was commissioned a uniform for a Withdoll girl, but I took forever with it and the commissioner is unable to buy it at the moment. I’m selling it separately (through flickr right now, possibly through Etsy later), and it if doesn’t sell in the next few months, the original commissioner will buy it from me. I took some photos of the whole set, so I’m posting them here.

The set includes sleeves, a top, skirt and a chiffon hem that attaches to the top.

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Photo dump

I’m probably dumping most of my not-so-good photos here from now on too. Flickr used to be my place to post crap at, but haha, they changed it and it’s so slow at loading (especially if I have torrents running) I don’t feel like going there at all. Plus the new layout offends my eyes. At least nobody can go and change the look of this blog while I’m not looking, so…

Random photo dump: we have some Prisca, Lily/Avis and Seb/Null.

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I made Prisca some tabi socks and a kimono to go with her getas and planned to just take a few shots of the kimono, which turned into this. I’m so sorry it’s super repetitive, though. I’ll have a proper nice shoot with her in this outfit soon. I might add some decorations to the obi first, though. I was really tired by the time I finished this, so I haven’t had the chance yet.

The first one is from yesterday with her old kimono: