White before winter

I took a long, uphill trip to this place I found a few years ago while geocaching. I’ve been wanting to take photos there ever since I first saw the place, but it’s so far that I haven’t gotten around to, yet. Well, actually the spot is only 900m from my house but since I can’t fly, I have to go by the roads and that extends the distance to about 2.2km -most of which I cycled today. And I have to say that really took everything I had. I felt horrible once I was locking up my bike and almost turned right back to go home. My head wasn’t really working so I took the wrong path, which dissappeared about half-way there and I had to treck some 200-300m in the forest without a path with only a GPS to guide me. I would’ve turned back to look for the right path if I wasn’t so damn tired. Luckily I made it there eventually but it was not fun.

On a more random note, there’s a doll meet in my city this weekend. It’s in the evening, though and I generally don’t like leaving the house much after Noon (but I might go photographing with Mizya before it), so I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna go. It also gets dark really early this time of the year and doll meets in the dark are a bit… ehh. I also have absolutely no idea who to take with me. I could comfortably fit a big and a small doll with me, and the big doll will be one of my DDs (but who?) because my camera is heavy, so I don’t need a heavy doll as well.. but no idea which small one to take. Besides Lilya, nobody really has anything new and it has to be one I want to photograph before the meet itself too. Oh, the dilemma.

But the photos from today:

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New things

I took these a few weeks ago, but I’ve been feeling really out of it and didn’t get around to re-sizing them. More to come later.

Lilya grew a whole lot with her new body and she’s way too tall for her character right now, but unfortunately this is the only body that has the right shape and is the right size for the stupidly ginormous Iple head. >_>*** And I change change her head mold because there aren’t any others that are as perfect for her. Sigh.

I’d like to feel inspired again and take some more outdoor photos but currently my sewing machine refuses to sew leather and I kind of need leather clothes for what I had planned so… :/

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The edgy girl

Woah, suddenly Lily has an expression. Thanks to the sideglance (when she’s looking straight up, she doesn’t seem to focus anywhere), I just HATE them in shoots, because it makes the doll look exactly the same in every photo. I hate them even more in stories, lol, those are ridiculous. So, I usually switch the glance to the other side or straight, but the wind was so cold I didn’t have the patience to. Ahah, so let’s live with a gazillion same shots of her face. *fail* But it’s a pretty face?

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Summer games

Mizya visited me again and we took more trips to the lake. I knew the last time was probably a perfect day that would not repeat itself. And it didn’t. The first time we went in the morning it was cold and extremely gloomy. The sky wasn’t visible at all, anywhere. Most of the photos look like it’s about to rain any minute. And, of course, the second time we went there was not a single cloud in the sky at all. Talk about extremes. I’m not a fan of photographing dolls in direct sunlight -at all, and lost most of my interest and didn’t even get to try some of the ideas I had.

But yay for beach props?

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Photo dump

I’m probably dumping most of my not-so-good photos here from now on too. Flickr used to be my place to post crap at, but haha, they changed it and it’s so slow at loading (especially if I have torrents running) I don’t feel like going there at all. Plus the new layout offends my eyes. At least nobody can go and change the look of this blog while I’m not looking, so…

Random photo dump: we have some Prisca, Lily/Avis and Seb/Null.

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