Azone: New things

I’ve had some updates in my Azone collection happening, and I’m getting a long awaited XS girl soon as well. Mostly so that she can wear the outfits I’ve bought for her despite not owning a doll of that size, lol. I couldn’t resist. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Pure Neemo sized girls or boys, although there are a few old releases I really like. But this size is just not for me. I don’t do anything with my 30cm BJD tinies either, because the size is just no inspiring. I like teeny, tiny things, and bigger things, but this is a size that falls just inbetween and doesn’t work for me. My Neemos don’t even get proper names because I’m unimaginative with them.
Anyway, I also managed to find a Rockin’ girl Yuzuha second hand for a really good price… some time last year (oops), so I bought her. She’s my favorite Yuzuha and possibly my fave Neemo as well, so it was a must instant buy as soon as she popped up.

In her default gear (that I had to sell, though).

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Easter eggs, but for whom?

For once I took themed photos. Easter is on the agenda this time. I planned on doing some tiny!Himeno in the nest photos among others, but I already took the nest photos a few weeks ago because I wanted to try it. And the others I can’t really do without mizya, so… I made a random Easter story.

Himeno wants the nest for herself but runs into some… obstacles.
(Ea is afraid of round objects, thus the poking of the eggs to make sure they’re not completely spherical)

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Azone: A tiny arrival

So, I ordered the new Picco Neemo himeno. I like the teeny tiny size, but I don’t love most of the picco faces. Himeno is an exception, though, and Mizya has the cute older one that’s adorable. I’m so not a fan of this one’s outfit, but she’s got lovely brown eyes, so I got her anyway. I just need to figure out some clothes for her.

Rise came to see what the package was.

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After the party

Just a random idea I had. Nothing special, but at least it gave me a few hours of some productivity. It took me a while to build the set, although it was kind of crappy, but it was mostly wasted anyway because it’s not visible in the photos.

You can imagine the lines yourself, haha. :’D

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Fae of flowers

Some Maylis photos.

The cherry ones are from a while ago, but the rest are from just a few days ago. I made her a really quick new dress for those because the brown one was quite depressing. Not that this is much better but I _really_ don’t like sewing in such a tiny size. I don’t know what it is, lol, because I really like making stuff in sd and msd size and even yosd is fine, but anything smaller or bigger is just blehh. I just made myself two pairs of pants and it was such a chore too. x_x

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Story: Not-so-sweet dream café (+Extras)

Ohoho, a little story activity here! This is a collaboration between mizya and I (and Azones and BJDs, thus it’s in both categories). I visited Mizy and brought her a new cafe floor, then quickly made a superb mop from our combined supplies… and then we got to it. I had Rise and Muu with me. Everyone else belongs to Mizya and so does most of Rise’s outfit because I don’t have anything new for her. We’d planned most of the story beforehand and the unplanned parts were mostly a collaborated effort. I posed and photographed the dolls & Mizya helped behind the scenes. I also edited the photos, but she added the Japanese/English commentary to the story. x3

The Muu/Sethos silly story that is inbetween the other photos belongs in a series were doing together, and the previous parts are as follows:
1) Events 2) Love Letter 3) Pig 4) An Apology 5) Saving the Princess 6) Summer Love 7) Helper
8) How to Impress the Ladies: Part 1: Intellect 9) How to Impress the Ladies: Part 2: Baking talents

Be warned, there are a TON of photos. You can also jump straight to the story part here.

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Moonlight Garden

I won an Asis from Soom’s post MD event and she arrived a few days ago. :D I’ve been working hard getting her ready since then and I’m soo happy with her. She’s the one fairy I’d been regretting not getting because she’s the perfect package for me looks wise (and white skin <3). Her wig is still in the mail, though, so this is not the final look, but a mohair wig I made quickly from some scraps I had left. But I couldn’t resist trying this shot because I’ve had it in mind for a while now. Moonlight and gardens are Eris’ “theme”.

I’m ridiculously happy with this set of photos, too. They’re kind of amateuristic as it was my second time ever shooting during night (and first time with flash). But I had so much fun and an hour just blew past. I didn’t want to stop at all. The weather was perfect too: not too cold, not to warm, no mosquitoes, no wind. I got a proper flash in my camera swap (my body for a new body + external flash) so I was finally able to try this. Well, I’d like another flash too, but as things are now, I wouldn’t be able to control it because the micro switch is really stuck good in this camera. :/ This time I did have this very fancy (not), flashlight + reflector set up too. At one point I called my dad outside to hold another reflector to direct the flash better. Haha. It was definitely interesting and I loved it and this certainly won’t be the last time I shoot at night.

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