Azone: A tiny arrival

So, I ordered the new Picco Neemo himeno. I like the teeny tiny size, but I don’t love most of the picco faces. Himeno is an exception, though, and Mizya has the cute older one that’s adorable. I’m so not a fan of this one’s outfit, but she’s got lovely brown eyes, so I got her anyway. I just need to figure out some clothes for her.

Rise came to see what the package was.

And mizya came over with her new arrival as well (tiny!Himeno’s take over the world).

Yeah, he just has to sit in front if we’re doing something.

(Lol, or in the back, as long as he’s close.) Tiny Himeno’s all around!

And free!

Mine kept getting split in half like £*$”€$@!. Also her right foot keeps falling off. Oh, and let’s not even talk about the fact that her head sucked in the whole neck mechanism and we spent forever fishing it out (it came separated so there were two pieces to get out). But I must give my compliments to her face, it survived a ton of squeezing without a mark.

Default clothes. I’m chucking that shirt and shoes at least. Need more clothes.

After this I just took off her clothes to see how the body works and to fix the issues with her pieces falling out, because it was driving me a little nuts.

I don’t know…

Then, poor Muu had to surrender some of her clothes for Himeno to wear, because obviously I didn’t have anything ready for her. She’ll get shoes soon, at least but that’s it.

Yup, very cute. She needs a nice outfit of her own.

I do like her. She’s very poseable but the drawback is that she’s kind of… fidgety. She does not like standing and she comes apart easily.

Also, if you’re planning on changing her hairstyle like I was: don’t. The hair is only rooted around her head and at the back parting. She’s completely bald in all other spots. I couldn’t even straighten the hair properly with hot water, the dents from her pigtails just wouldn’t come off, so I just had to put them back on her, sigh.

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