Withdoll Light Vera

I received a Light Vera head from Withdoll in advance, so that I can show the doll with a different styling from the promo photos. Withdoll also extended her sales period for a week, so go check her out. Mizya got the Dark Vera head as well, but she only received it today from me, and I don’t know when she’ll paint it.

I’m quite loving the sculpt. She’s got smaller eyes than their previous big girls and super lovely pointy ears. I don’t have eyes or wig for mine, but I tested a few styles for her. She’s wearing leekeworld 14mm glass eyes through the wig photos, and in other photos she’s got Soom 14mm eyes. (Yes, I really only have blue spare eyes.) This face up I made would definitely need a light coloured wig, but unfortunately most of my SD wigs are dark or brown.

I will also be getting a pale brown Dark Vera eventually, but I put her on layaway, so she probably won’t get here before late summer. I have her sword here with me already and I have plans for her, but nothing has progressed as of yet. At least I have time. xD

Anyway, to the Light Vera photos. She’s gray skin.

The heads side by side (but I didn’t realize to take this before I face-upped mine, sorry):

You can see face up details of her in this image.

For anyone interested:

SOOM 14mm vs 12mm eyes in Light Vera. The 12mm gaps a little bit in the corners.

And now onto my wig tests:

Royal gray Leeke wig my Pris has been wearing. I love the style on her but the colour is too dark. Still, this is the wig I ended up leaving on her because it takes the least effort to style.

Leeke Snow wig. Pretty much all of the 8-9″ leeke wigs leave empty space at the top of her head and the bangs are too long (can’t cut them in this one, because the dye job would disappear). With the other WD heads you can just pull them over the ears to make them fit, but you can’t do that with the elf ears.

Lol, this shaggy cut is from Crobidoll. Don’t know if they sell it anymore because it’s oooold, and untamed because Kilbas doesn’t do haircare (it’s his).

An old Leeke style in ecru colour.

A beige Leeke wig.

A snow white Leeke (again.)

This is one of Leeke’s premium mohair wigs and I’d loove to get this style for her, but apparently they don’t sell it anymore? =__=

A self-made mohair, lol, she looks like a poodle. :’D

A Luts wig without bangs.

Tried a little bit of something.

Yup, that’s it. I need to figure out what wig to order her… and eyes too. I didn’t expect to like this light version this much, but I do. She’s got the cutest mouth (it’s actually parted in the middle and quite deep) and those pointy ears are just adorable. ♥

Both my Vera’s need names =__=;; I just tagged her as “Vera” now but I’ll edit it when I pick out a name for her.

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