Just headshots

Changes all around. I switched Delmia’s Angela head to Nana and I’m now seeing if I can bond with her better. Angela was a bit of a surprise doll and I’m not sure if I would’ve gotten her in normal circumstances (though I would have wanted the armour). And I have been thinking for quite a while that I should’ve gotten her in grey. I don’t do that well with really dark dolls (I have problems with my pale tan Dollshe, too). This is much better than the old head at least, so that one will be given away. I’m just not sure if this will stay or if I’ll have to try another mold again later.

I also got a Ruby head as an extra girl to keep around as a rolling head. She doesn’t have lashes yet, because they’re still somewhere in mail limbo. And so are the new wigs I got my Withdolls.

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