Random photos entry 1/2

I’m just throwing in DD’s and Azones into this thing, because I don’t want to make three separate entries. Sorry. :P (I tend to like things well categorized but sometimes there’s gotta be exceptions.) These two doll types are close enough anyway. The few BJD photos I have will get a second entry.

I had a long pause from dolls where I didn’t do much, but in the past month or two, I’ve been more active again and although I haven’t done many full shoots, I have single photos of several of my dolls. So, I’ll be posting all of those here for now. There are just 1-3 of each set, so it doesn’t make much sense to give them their own entries.

Starting with Yuyuka. I re-did her face up and I was taking test photos of her here. But the face photos were boring, so I didn’t resize any of those. I need to take new ones soon.

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Apple blossom meet

I attended a doll meet on May 28th, and I guess it was officially a BJD meet, but DDs and Azones kind of took it over. I didn’t take many photos because the time just flew by. I had intented to take nice shots from the other owner’s dolls too, but I should’ve done that _first_ because I then got stuck taking photos of Kiyori in the tree (posted those already). But anyway, these are the few general photos I took (mostly of the group photo) and the few Yukihi photos I had.

The attendants were: myself, mizya, Pihlajakoto, Turre, Sweetneat/Milly and Kesakeru.

DDs and Azones galore!

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Apple blossoms

I went to a doll meet in an apple tree garden this past Saturday. Well, it’s more like a public park, so they’re not taking care of the lawn and stuff, so there was a sea of dandelions kind of ruining the scenery, but some of the trees were blooming so amazingly that I got really camera happy with my dolls (mainly Kiyo). (~ *3*)~ This is also where I took my Lin photos last year.

I took my two swings to the park and set them up on different trees, so everyone got some swing photos as well. :3

This is just my Kiyori shoot. I’ll post my Yukihi photos later and a group shot of all the dolls that attented.

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Cardigans & lingerie

I’ve been sewing a lot lately and I still have more to sew. But I’m taking a break for a little while before getting back to some stuff I have lying around half-finished.

Today, I photographed what I finished yesterday: Cardigans for Etsy.

I’ve also made each of my DD girls a lingerie set with bra patterns from Dollybird magazine. A few of the patterns need some alterations to work better (mainly the L size), but they’re a good base to work on. Also, I’d be way too lazy to make each bust size their own pattern, so… yeah. I’m getting Yuyu an S bust so her bra is a little small on her and Saya’s bra is also a bit small though I followed the pattern. Saya’s panties are also old ones from a few months ago, but I made the new bra to match them (they’re just not very flattering anyhow).

Sooo, the girls ended up posing in their lingerie + cardigans. :P
Oh right, and Saya also got a new L bust (had the shapely previously). However, I think I want to switch it to the flat one they’re releasing soon, so I won’t mod this one ike I did her other one (=nipples gone).

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Run through the Night Sky

More Kiyori because I’m really excited about her. (But I’ll try to do a bjd story next.) I took some photos of her the day before with a backdrop but then I visited Mizya yesterday and now the previous photos just look plain and dull. Mizya let me borrow her blue Lizanna stardust eyes (that I photoshopped to look more like aquamarine) and she just came alive. The Volks eyes are just so blank there’s no comparison whatsoever. She also has this gorgeous fabric I’d also kill for. I’d wear it out using it as a backdrop and then I’d make a dress out of it for Kiyo. I’d also like a sunset coloured one and I’d make a dress out of it for Seere. =u= But no can do.

I was also planning on passing up on Volks’ September releases but when I woke up in the morning there was still one chocolate carry case left and I just could not resist. I bought another bust and hands for Saya along with it. But I wasn’t able to get Kiyo or Yuyu any extra hands (the lack of them is driving me nuts) because NONE of the ns normal size hands are in stock. While I could’ve gotten everything for Saya who uses large sw hands. ;____; I also couldn’t get a new bust for Yuyu because I want to change hers to a prettier one. That was also out of stock. >_>* I reeeaally hope they restock the ns stuff by the time I’m ordering next time because Kiyo especially needs more hands. Yuyu can make do with the mismatch pair she has and the normal ones, but for Kiyo it’s not enough. :/

Anyway, I photographed Kiyori at mizya’s place yesterday, and boy, am I loving these photos. The first two are from the day before, though, so you can see the difference. I used the dull staircase bg I have and had Snake visit, because I haven’t been able to sell it. (Soon he’ll become Kiyo’s pet.)

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Kirika arrives

Yaaayy, my Volks Kirika arrived today. I’ve named her Kiyori (at least for now) written with 清凛 so that it can basically be read as “pure cold” it just suits the default outfit and I definitely want to take photos of her in it during winter. =u=

I didn’t take a box opening because my house is seriously dark in the morning and I just couldn’t wait until later. :’D She’s my very first fullset doll ever. I’ve never gotten a doll that came with an outfit, actually, so it was an interesting box opening. For once the first thing I did wasn’t to start sewing. I did, however fight her eyes out (literally) and wipe her face up. I also chucked the wig as soon as I’d taken a few photos of it because it’s easily the crappiest wig I’ve ever had. Even the crappy Leeke ones I’ve had don’t compare, it’s just that bad. Luckily, I don’t like the butter-yellow-blond colour, so I wasn’t gonna use it anyway.

The obligatory fullset photo + the pretty box:

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