Cardigans & lingerie

I’ve been sewing a lot lately and I still have more to sew. But I’m taking a break for a little while before getting back to some stuff I have lying around half-finished.

Today, I photographed what I finished yesterday: Cardigans for Etsy.

I’ve also made each of my DD girls a lingerie set with bra patterns from Dollybird magazine. A few of the patterns need some alterations to work better (mainly the L size), but they’re a good base to work on. Also, I’d be way too lazy to make each bust size their own pattern, so… yeah. I’m getting Yuyu an S bust so her bra is a little small on her and Saya’s bra is also a bit small though I followed the pattern. Saya’s panties are also old ones from a few months ago, but I made the new bra to match them (they’re just not very flattering anyhow).

Sooo, the girls ended up posing in their lingerie + cardigans. :P
Oh right, and Saya also got a new L bust (had the shapely previously). However, I think I want to switch it to the flat one they’re releasing soon, so I won’t mod this one ike I did her other one (=nipples gone).

I reeeaaaaallllyyy want new eyes for Kiyo. I’ve ordered them but they’re in the same order with Yuyu’s custom eyes so it’ll probably be another week and then 1,5wks for the shipping. =__= I can’t wait. She’s so damn blank with the default eyes. Saya also needs the eyes I’ve pictured her with but I can’t afford to get them yet. But hers are better than Kiyo’s at the very least. Hopefully Yuyu’s custom colour will also bring life to her. :3

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