Apple blossoms

I went to a doll meet in an apple tree garden this past Saturday. Well, it’s more like a public park, so they’re not taking care of the lawn and stuff, so there was a sea of dandelions kind of ruining the scenery, but some of the trees were blooming so amazingly that I got really camera happy with my dolls (mainly Kiyo). (~ *3*)~ This is also where I took my Lin photos last year.

I took my two swings to the park and set them up on different trees, so everyone got some swing photos as well. :3

This is just my Kiyori shoot. I’ll post my Yukihi photos later and a group shot of all the dolls that attented.

This pink tree was quite amazing. Most of the whites were already past their prime (it was windy and rainy a few days before so a lot of the flowers lost their petals already). There were dark pink flowers as well and more pinks but the other trees were either too small or too tall for doll photos. This one was perfect for Kiyori photos, and she’s been wearing this kimono for the past few months, just waiting for an apple blossom shoot. ):D

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