Date time

Alrighty, I like to do something for myself on my birthday every year, and this time it was having a shoot mizya and I had been planning for a while. Well, we took other photos too, but I’m only posting our Min Ki & Mi Cha date photos for now, because they’re cutiepies. ♥ ♥

Too tied to go into more detail right now. It’s been a long day with commissions and then I edited these photos and ugghh. Enjoy.


It was an… eventful shoot. So, you can have extras:

The date was going so well that Mi Cha fainted at one point. Min Ki is like “…..”

I also ran out of hands to use, so yeah, feet!

Towards the end the sun moved around the house and we had to create a shadow to block the strong sun. Lol, this is artistic.

Aaand finally, since Min Ki got a nice date, we put him into work holding the reflector while we gave attention to the other dolls. :D ♥

(Last three photos courtesy of Mizya)

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