Spring coming along

I changed the colours of the blog to be more spring/summer like. :3 And to celebrate I also took a few snapshots of my Vera (yeah, more swing photos). I actually had grand plans for these and woke up early. But just my luck: it was cloudy. The ONE morning I was ready to go right out and make use of the beautiful morning sunlight our yard gets– and it’s cloudy! Of course NOW it’s sunny that I’m back inside, but the sun has already turned and comes on too strong. In the early morning it shines through some trees and creates beautiful soft shadows. :/ Since the lighting was dull, I wasn’t inspired to really take a lot of shots or play with her poses this time.

Oh, but I’m finally closing in on a name for her. I want to have one with a meaning of “air” or “ether”. Unfortunately my favorite candidate is a masculine name, so I may have to look into it some more. Even with a name though, I’m not sure what to do with her. I’m considering selling her body (with margery/adriana head) and switching her to light brown and to share the body with the Dark Vera when she arrives. Mostly because I don’t really have the space to keep two SWDs around. But I just don’t know right now… I think I’ll have to see what I think of the new skin tone whem my dark girl arrives first, and then decide that to do.

EDIT// An extra photo from the next day since I played with the backlight:

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