Swinging towards summer

I’m really on a roll. Commissions aren’t moving as well as photos, but it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve actually enjoyed taking photos. Lately, it’s just been me shooting sales or commission stuff. Feels good to do something for myself for a change -even if it’s just taking photo.

We removed the netting from around the cherry tree yesterday, because I’m pretty sure the hares won’t be eating it anymore. I made this swing a while ago but the weather hasn’t allowed me to test it -and the tree was inaccessible anyway. I also have an SD size, but that will have to be tested later (I have some niiiice plans for that one). ):D

I was only supposed to test the swing, but this turned into two mini-shoots. First one was Avis when I was just setting it up, and then I took Min Ki there too, because I quickly -finally- gave him a manicure and then felt inspired by him.

Aaaand then it was Min Ki’s turn:

Oh no, summer is almost here and my DDs are definitely missing casual summer clothes. And then I need to find money from somewhere so that I’ll be able to order Sebille a new body finally (which I was supposed to do 6 months ago already). And all the other things I’d like to buy and do. There are not enough hours on a day for everything that needs to be done. =__= I also need to go to that one forest patch for a photo shoot before all the mosquitoes appear… I don’t have much time.

4 thoughts on “Swinging towards summer

    1. Thank you. I have quite a few plans for this (and the SD size one) but I’m waiting for a more summery weather. :D

  1. The little swing is so pretty! I like very much the colours of this photoshoot. Reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. Can I ask is Avis made out of french resin? If she is, has the colour of the resin changed very dramatically?

    1. Thank you. :3 And no, I don’t have a single French resin doll and never will. It took me years to finally be able to get a urethane resin Narae and that’s what she is. :3

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