Magical Green

My spring ritual is a little late this year because the weather hasn’t allowed it. The snows took a while to melt and it’s been too wet to shoot here, but today was finally a good day. I waited all morning for clouds to start to sail by and then had to take breaks while whooting because the sun came out occasionally. But it all worked out pretty well. The colours change a bit because of the lighting conditions but it’s fine. For once, I’m really happy with these photos. There are some issues, but maybe nobody will notice if I don’t mention them, haha.

I finished this dress for Iria a few days ago. I started it around the time I posted that red&gold commission dress. This is muchly inspired by it but has more pieces so that it can be combined with other pieces as well. I’ve been saving this green silk quite a while and only making small things out of it, but now I finally decided it was time to make something really nice and fancy out of it and this happened. Bye bye green silk, there are only scraps left now. I absolutely loved how it looked at this location and I know another place it would look great, too, but I don’t know if I’ll be taking Iria there. I’m kind of tempted by Llyr. I could take them both but I don’t think I could carry them there because the terrain is really hard to walk on. I’ll have to check it out soon, though, because soon there will be swarms of mosquitoes out and about.

This is really image heavy… again. I was out there for 1,5hrs and took over 200 photos, which I narrowed down to these 40-ish. So, sorry about that. xD

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