Apple blossom meet

I attended a doll meet on May 28th, and I guess it was officially a BJD meet, but DDs and Azones kind of took it over. I didn’t take many photos because the time just flew by. I had intented to take nice shots from the other owner’s dolls too, but I should’ve done that _first_ because I then got stuck taking photos of Kiyori in the tree (posted those already). But anyway, these are the few general photos I took (mostly of the group photo) and the few Yukihi photos I had.

The attendants were: myself, mizya, Pihlajakoto, Turre, Sweetneat/Milly and Kesakeru.

DDs and Azones galore!

We were very well prepared and didn’t eat even half of these. Mizya, myself and kesakeru stayed behind after the rest left, though, and with nobody to watch the snacks (while we were photographing) a crow decided that the pätkis suffeli bites (off-photo here) are a great snack and helped himself to those, lol. They were all over the lawn. u__u;;

Smiley girls~

And the whole group. I’m not even going to try to list and name everyone. Let’s just say that for such a small group of people, we sure dragged along a lot of dolls.

Mizya’s Ren is such a good oneesan~ ♥

And I was so glad to be able to see Pihlajakoto’s Boa, because Sakuya was for the longest time the one DD I wanted. I still want her, but since her price is what it is nowadays, I’ve gone the easier route and only bought basics or new releases straight from Volks. Ahh, she’s so pretty ♥

One Blythe and Ruruko attended as well (both belonging to Milly). :D

And only MSD or smaller resin kids this time. The big dolls were all DD and Azone, haha.

Most of the Neemos were Mizya’s as well (excluding two neemos and one picco).

I also took some Yukihi photos separately from the group:

Fun was had. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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