Kirika arrives

Yaaayy, my Volks Kirika arrived today. I’ve named her Kiyori (at least for now) written with 清凛 so that it can basically be read as “pure cold” it just suits the default outfit and I definitely want to take photos of her in it during winter. =u=

I didn’t take a box opening because my house is seriously dark in the morning and I just couldn’t wait until later. :’D She’s my very first fullset doll ever. I’ve never gotten a doll that came with an outfit, actually, so it was an interesting box opening. For once the first thing I did wasn’t to start sewing. I did, however fight her eyes out (literally) and wipe her face up. I also chucked the wig as soon as I’d taken a few photos of it because it’s easily the crappiest wig I’ve ever had. Even the crappy Leeke ones I’ve had don’t compare, it’s just that bad. Luckily, I don’t like the butter-yellow-blond colour, so I wasn’t gonna use it anyway.

The obligatory fullset photo + the pretty box:

Then, I went outside and gave her Saya’s wig because it was the first thing that was handy and the right size (so so cute):

And then I re-did her face up:

Not amazing, but I just don’t get along with default faces. They’re not personal enough to me.

Next I cut one of my age old wigs for a temporary use until I get her one of her own (excuse the crooked bangs, I still need to even them out a bit more):

I loooove the long skirt version of the outfit. It’s nice that she also came with the short skirt and it’s cute, but it’s not really my thing. I’ll use it probably a few times, but the long skirt is way more gorgeous. AND the bells are real so she jingles when she’s posed. <3 I'm still unsure what to do with her earrings.. I should probably pierce her ears because then she could use other earrings too, not just her default ones, but I'm not yet sure what would be the best way to do that because she's got two pairs of ears basically. She really needs a wig that show at least one of her eyebrows, so this is not what she will end up with. Hopefully I'll be able to take actual good photos of her soon, but right now I have a wig to make another doll, photos to edit, stuff to sew, stuff to photograph, photos to edit... and the list goes on and on. x_x

6 thoughts on “Kirika arrives

  1. Congrats!! She’s lovely~
    I like your face up much more than the original. Not that the default was ugly or anything.
    I don’t check DD releases often and I wasn’t aware of this one, but it’s a lovely DD. Nice face and default outfit.

    1. Thank you. x3

      It definitely wasn’t ugly, but the default face up lines are way too harsh for me. It also puzzled me quite a bit because when I removed the face up, I revealed a pretty sneaky-looking head. The default face up totally changes the shape of her eyes and I dont understand why they made these cat-like eyes for the sculpt and then painted the head so that they’re hidden? Weird. But I was very pleased. :P
      I haven’t really been following DDs very closely either, but this year I’ve been looking to see if I’d find one I like as a fullset, and I did. I don’t know the character at all, but oh well.

  2. She’s sooo lovely, one of the DD releases that really caught my eye recently. I didn’t imagine Volks wigs to be so bad :O Did their quality change?

    Anyway, I love most DDs better with custom face-ups, and you did a wonderful job on her, I’m a fan of her default eyes too though! Dark hair really suits her best I think – it makes her look kindof like one of those girls on a Chinese Historical drama~

    1. Thank you. =u= I’ve never owned Volks wigs before (because everyone always asks a fortune for them) but from what I understand some releases have better wigs than others. Depends on the doll and the style. All the Kirika wigs are horrible: they show the wig cap, the fiber is awful, the styling is ugly and they don’t fit on the head (there’s empty space so it looks lumpy).

      I like custom face ups too. But that’s mostly because Volks face ups have such harsh lines. I tend to prefer a softer look. :3 The default eyes don’t really catch light so they look dark in photos and I need to lighten them every time. So, I want her eyes that shine.

  3. Thank you for these pictures! She’s absolutely beautiful. I’m going to try and get her during her second sale. She’s perfect for one of my characters- Evelyn (without the elf ears). I actually quite like her default faceup, but that’s just my opinion.

    1. You’re welcome, and good luck in the clickwars. There are still some decently priced ones up on YaJ too. There’s nothing wrong with the face up, defaults are just too bland for me, no matter what company they’re from. I just can’t get into my dolls if they don’t have a custom face.

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