Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) Shoe review

I finally received the renewed legs and feet from Withdoll today, so I dug up my SD shoes and did some quick tests.

I didn’t review the shoes in the original SWD post because the feet were so tiny they didn’t fit any shoes I had. I suggested that Withdoll make them bigger by certain measurements and they did. Now the feet are okay to balance on and they fit into lots of shoes.

(Tata’s paradise SD16 shoes)

I grabbed various different size SD, SD13 and SD16 shoes for this.

First up, the shoes that are marketed as SD16 size. Obviously tested the heeled feet for all of these.
I’ve bought these from horusdoll, ebay, tata & TWTell.

The pink ones are made by clover yama and they’re a really good fit. The flowery red ones are from TWTell and they’re slightly bigger so the feet moves in them a little bit, but it’s not noticeable at least in this closed model. I think sandal types would also fit without too many problems.

These open type TATA shoes are quite a bit bigger and there’s some extra room in the width, but you can actually see the toes a little, which is a huge plus.

These were bought through Horusdoll and they’re marked as Yomi’s blog. They’re much smaller than my other shoes of this size actually. The WD feet have a nice snug fit in these and they follow the shape of the shoe pretty well, but these are not stable shoes. However, they are pretty because the toes show really well.

Then, the other shoes:

Luts, Dollheart, Soom, Leeke and Angell Studio (forgot these from the group shot). Tested both flat and heeled feet depending on the shoe.

These, like the TATA open shoes are a bit loose and the flat feet also fit into these if you really stuff them. My closed pump SDF shoes are a bit better because the smallness of the feet isn’t as visible in those.

Angell Studio has some seriously tiny shoes (while some are huge) and these are no exception. The flat feet were a bit of a pain to stuff into them, but they did fit in the end. I also used to have a pair of heels from them and they were also quite small, but I’m pretty sure the heeled feet would fit them quite well because they’re a bit slimmer than the flat feet in a way.

And the rest. This Dollheart pair doesn’t have a very high heel so the flat feet (pictured) are a much better fit into these. The heeled feet are loose in them and gap at the ankle. The Soom booties fit both feet just as well. The Luts booties are a bit tricky, they were marketed for Delf girls when I bought them and they have a tiny heel, but heeled feet don’t really fit that well and flat feet fit but they stretch the leather a bit. Both feet do fit into them but she stands better with the flats. And the Leeke shoes: the heel isn’t very high so I thought flat feet would be better, but the shoes are so small that only the heeled feet fit into them.

And that’s it.

Conclusion: The feet fit into most shoes marketed for larger girl dolls, but as individual shoes vary there’s no guarrantee that everything will fit. These girls come with both feet by default, so there shouldn’t be any issue finding them shoes that fit at least the other pair of feet.

7 thoughts on “Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) Shoe review

  1. You have excellent taste for shoes, they are all so pretty!
    And the review is very helpful too, though I don’t own any withdoll SD girl (they are gorgeous!).
    I’m glad they listened to their customers and changed the feet

    1. Thanks. I just wish I could afford to buy more~ An army of shoes (and these are basically all Sebille’s)!

      Yeah, they sent the prototype models to us ahead of time because they wanted customer feedback before the official release. ^^ It’s their first large sized doll, so they wanted to make it good. They’re a great company. Now, I just hope they listen to their customers more and renew the mini girl body as well. Lot’s of people are hating those knees.

  2. Yaay lovely shoes! I actually enjoyed looking at all your pretty shoes ~ though the review might come in super handy to senior withdoll girl owners~ x333

    1. Thanks. These aren’t nearly all of my SD shoes (and they’re almost all Sebille’s, oops). And I’d still want more. Especially those pretty ones I see in taobao (cause suddenly western available models have gotten boring) but I can never afford them. =__= I have a list that’s waaay long.

  3. Lovely shoes! And great shoe review. Sometimes I would like to buy a sd doll just because of shoes! Sd sized shoes are so much prettier than msd sized shoes. Specially high heeled shoes. :D

  4. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes that will make the most important changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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