Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) review

Mizya and I were able to get Withdoll’s new SWD girls a bit ahead of everyone else, to review the dolls and show everyone a different styling. We received them today and took some photos of the body before getting to the painting. This is still a prototype of the body and they might make improvements to it before the final release.

I have the Margery head on the SWD body in these photos. She wears a 8-9″ wig and 16mm eyes. I had hoped that 14mm would be fine for her, because I have plenty of those but no, they make her starey.

First of all, I compared the SWD to the mini girl. They’re both gray skin and it’s worth noting that although Pris is from 2011, the colour is pretty much the same (with the exception of Pris having yellowed). WD colours are very consistent.

The Margery is very similar to Priscilla. But her nose is smaller & softer and her eyes are much larger, making the bigger doll actually look younger. I do wish the head was slightly smaller all in all (if she wore 7-8″ wigs and 14mm eyes, it’d be quite perfect).

These bodies look very similar, the biggest differences being the torso joint and the knees. The elbows are pretty much the same. In relation, the SWD bust is also slightly smaller.

I find the pose on the SWD body is more relaxed.

But all in all, aesthetically very similar these two.

The SWD also comes with high heel feet and extra hands:

The SWD wrists are not magnetic like on the smaller dolls, and personally I’m thankful. I don’t like the hands flying all over the place and they’re not hard to change at all (just pull it out, grab the elastic and switch the hand = done).

And now we can get to the review:


This nugget is almost identical to the mini girls. It looks nice and moves the same amount; this is the maximum it bends. She can touch her face, but not as well as some other dolls.

The arm can also be rotated to the side for a more natural pose, but the upper arm prevents it from moving effortlessly.


This is the basic range of the torso, it also moves to the side very well, but I forgot to take photos.

If you want more bending, you can pull it up a bit and lock it:

The stopper isn’t super pretty, but it works and it also keeps the torso from frolicking all over the place.


This is the thigh joint. It’s a very basic peg joint that has to be pulled and lifted for it to work. I’m not a huge fan of these, but this one isn’t actually very hard to pull out and it stays in place very well. Some joints like these really like to pop back with a lot of force but not this one.

She can sit with her knees up and even bend forward to hug the knees -thanks to the torso joint located in the waist area. <3
Comparison with the 45cm WD boy body. His hip joints lift the legs up beautifully, but because his torso joint is in the chest, he can’t bend forward enough, unfortunately.

Comparison with the 41cm girl body. She doesn’t come even close.

The legs are very versatile. The thigh joint lifts up and rotates.


She can also lie on her stomach.

Comparison with the 45cm boy. They look about the same from the front, but from the side the boy body is just ugly, while the SWD has a very natural bend.

And she can do various lying down poses. :3

She’s even able to crouch! But only with heels on, because the ankles didn’t bend enough forward without a little lift. The pose can also be changed up.

Almost reaching her toes.

Standing poses… The knees are much more stable than on the small girl body (they feel similar to the small boys). The thighs also don’t have the same bothersome locks as the 41cm girls, which makes moving the legs easier.

And this shows the torso joint bending to the side. :3

All in all, this body can do very natural poses and also some advanced, more difficult ones. I’d say the jointing is very well designed and she is quite sturdy. The feet are a bit small, so it’s a bit hard to balance her sometimes, but I’m hoping WD might fix this for the actual release.

I also compared the body to a Delf girl, because it’s a well-known size and I don’t have much else in the same size to compare this to:

They’re pretty much the same size: The Delf girl is 1,5cm shorter (56cm) and it’s almost all in the legs. They’re otherwise also very similar in size: the SWD bust is slightly larger (Delf clothes are tight in the chest) and the SWD bum is slightly smaller.

A hybrid would also work, basically:

I really wish the Delf had a neck like this, actually, because they have a ridiculously thin necks.

If there are more photos you’d like to see, or if there are any questions in your mind, do ask. :3

I’ll be painting the head next and taking more photos then.

Waiting for a face, new eyes and her own clothes. :3

5 thoughts on “Senior Withdoll Girl (SWD) review

  1. Oh it’s so interesting to see the new body. I quite like it, I agree with you on magnetic hands = =; that happened to me with the fairyland hands A LOT. Hands flying! Ahhh >o<. However Soom's new magnetic hand system is very sturdy and very cleverly done!

    I really can't wait to see her with a face-up! I think that would make all the difference for me to decide whether I want her or not! xP

    1. I have a flying hands syndrome with the small witholls although the newer ones have locks. The good thing about magnetic hands is that it’s hard to break fingers if they fall, because the whole hand flies away, but otherwise I find them very irritating. =__=

      I was planning on making her into a larger Prisca, so the face up will be the same as on my Priscilla, pretty much. The character will have to be a bit younger, though, because Margery head looks younger, but oh well. If it doesn’t work at all, I’ll have to wipe the face and do something else.

      Withdoll has some face up photos of her on her site already and we posted a few very pretty photos from their blog to our tumblr too. x3

      1. Oh my god, why did you show me those! She is really lovely XD I love her big eyes – she could totally be a very cute girl with a pouty expression!

  2. So lovely!! Thank you for this :) I was wondering if I could see the Delf on the body with a wig on. Ty
    Margery is my fave :D

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