Something heavy… [edited]

I ordered the Justitia armour set for Iria back in December and it finally arrived yesteday (a heavy armour package and a light feather package arrived together). I dyed it yesterday and painted it today, but the lance is still not done. I realized that I’m running out of MSC semi-gloss and I really hope there’s enough for it, too, because it takes several months for me to get more. =__=

Anyway, a bit of arrival and wip photos and some babble about it.

EDIT// Added some more detailed armour photos to the end -as if the entry wasn’t img heavy enough

It all started with yet another Zenith box.

All the stuffs.

Resin parts. I asked Souldoll NOT to glue anything in, but I’m not surprised they forgot. I don’t know how the heck they expect their customers to paint these things with everything on, but I guess that’s for us to figure out? (It was the same with the Devonia/Kyron stuff too.) That waist thing has an elastic band inside it, and really, HOW do you paint it with it sewed on already?

And testing them on, lol. Well, didn’t go so far as to restring the arms and legs on, but anyway.

The shield has this latch that closes around the left armguard and stays right there. It doesn’t move at all, which really limits the posing -but it’s stable. The fact that they glued half of it on the shield already kind of pisses me off, because they didn’t glue it in the right position. It’s not the first time either. Many of the Devonia/Kyron stuff were glued in all wonky, too.

The lance has a magnetic handle, which is quite sturdy, but it could be better. The weight of that thing is quite daunting and I’m not sure if she’ll be able to do very much with it. Also annoying that this whole thing is made of halves and it’s also not glued in perfectly. Like, how about don’t do it if you can’t do it properly? >_>

And then I moved onto the dyeing.

And the results were…

Blue! But kind of a fancy blue, lol. I used black dye and I expected to get some sort of a grey or grey-black result. But nope, they ended up blue. However, it’s a good base colour for a metallic painting, although it will end up blue-ish.

But Souldoll really get’s another minus on the fact that I had to do this. If they’d used darker resin already, there’d be no need for a base colour. I could not leave them white under the airbrushing because a) when it chips, the white shows right through and b) the metallic paints need a darker base and that would just be a waste of paint.

This was my first ever dye job and it was quite fun but took ages because of the amount of the parts. I left out the helmet, because although it’s fancy, I don’t need it. Not sure if anyone would want to buy it blue, so I didn’t touch it. xD Also the lance… oh that lance. I have no idea what Souldoll had done to it, but half of it really didn’t take on any dye or just blotches of it. So, that one needed a base paint, but it’s fine.

Another thing that happened during the dying was that some of the parts got distorted. Most notably the chest armour. But that was to be expected because I hung them with string that pulled them into a different position. (I’m so glad the magnets didn’t lose their power in the boiling water, because that would’ve really sucked.)

I had to reshape the torso armour on her once the dye job was complete because they no longer fit together OR on her. :P

And here my lovely wire systems for the painting.

WIP photo of that with the untouched helmet for comparison. A huge difference. :D

And then I was done, with the exception of the lance that kind of looks like a toy right now, so it needs another layer of paint:

She’s wearing the AS kamen (and yes, it’s upside down), but it’s a bit big for her. I think it’s made of some other plastic, so I don’t know if I can bend it with heat, but I’m going to try.

Aand that’s it. This body is kind of an idiot to pose as is, and with all the stuff on it becomes a huge pain in the ass. That torso joint is so stiff and refuses to move properly with clothes on (and then it’s sort of loose when it doesn’t sit in a pose properly), so just imagine how impossible it’s to pose with all that resin stuff on her. There’s no place where you can really grab it and turn it. Besides the joint is inside the torso armour, so that makes it even worse. Why did you move it there, Souldoll???

The shield is also very annoying because it rubs against the shoulder guard, scraping the paint off (this is why I dyed it, at least I don’t get white scratches), And she can’t even hold it in front of her because a) Souldoll glued the attachment in the wrong position and b) her damn elbow doesn’t rotate!! It drives me NUTS. It’s also really hard to operate the new nuggets now that there’s a lot of resin around it. x__x

She also can’t really turn her head. Another mold might work better, I don’t know, but Uha’s head sit’s in quite low on the neck (which is already short as is) and her jaw comes down really low. And with the way the shoulder guards are attached they can’t move along with the arm to protect them. They only move up and down, and the other one scratched the paint on the torso armour. Either it was that way or it also got distorted while I dyed it. I’m gonna see if I can bend it back.

I didn’t think much of the wings before I saw them in person, but they’re okay. The thing they’re attached to makes me laugh, though. I call it a jetpack, because that’s what it looks like, lol. I quickly tested the lance on her too, and damn it kind of tips the balance and goes over the weight limit she can easily handle. It’s also VERY limited in how you can hold it without scraping it all against everything else. I couldn’t test it properly, though, because I haven’t coated the first layer of paint yet, so it chips really easily.

This looks fancy and all, but from now on, no matter what fancy things Souldoll makes, I’m gonna pass. I’ll just stick to Withdoll because their stuff is great, lightweight and works (I love Prisca’s shield) +it’s in black resin.

I’m also still seeing what to do with this head. I should first re-do the eyebrows, but if I can’t, I’ll have to re-do the whole face up (I don’t wanna!). And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just get her another head. Lime would definitely work, but I don’t think I want to go that grumpy unless I have to (cause I already have Sigrun and her head is not sold separately). But there are some options for me… What I’d really love, though, is a white skin SG Saiph from Soom, but I’m not sure if any were made in WS. I don’t think they were?

Ugh, now I need to find a new owner for that fancy helmet, and I think Kyron’s scythe, too, because I can never get around to painting, let alone gluing it together.

Oh, and I made the uniform she’s wearing. Very much inspired by the Justitia outfit, but with my own flare added to it. I only had large snaps for the sleeves so they’re kind of idiotic until I can fix them (or I might just sew them shut, because the thing can’t be removed with ther armour arms anyway). Some photos of the outfit alone:

EDIT// I took some proper photos of the paintjob on the armour parts. So more images, ahoy :’D



Another. It’s a bit of a pain to put on, so I didn’t bother for these photos, sorry.

There’s a clip -kind of a thing under the arms for attaching the front and back together.

And an attachment for the ‘jetpack’. And the paint has already scratched due to the other pauldron scraping against the back, sigh.

This would be the jetpack. xD The end pegs move so that you can angle the wings. And well, the whole thing can be put in a different position so that you can tilt the wings for some cool action poses, but I’m not sure if she can do any with all the weight. xD

12 thoughts on “Something heavy… [edited]

  1. Holy wow, she looks absolutely breathtaking! Though it’s a shame that apart from looking good it’s not useful if you actually want to pose the doll… bad thinking on Souldolls part.

    And I love how you did the armor – would have never thought about dyeing the base color.

    1. Uh’huh, she’s one heavy, chunky doll with all of that on and quite hard to balance (the ankles have much more movement than her human ones). I hope I manage to get nice photos of her at some point (I’d like her face to match the character better first), but I’m kind of afraid that she’ll fall on her face and all the fancy stuff will break. First thing to go is that mechanism on the shield, probably. But I’m really not quite impressed with the systems they used.

      Yeah, I looked at Souldoll’s promo photos when I bought it and thought that the first thing to show would be white scrapes on the wrist balls -like after the first turn of it. Dyeing was the only method that would prevent that. xD

  2. Holy moly… Wow! It might not have been planned or executed especially well by Soudoll, but you did an amazing job both dyeing and painting it! And on the outfit as well! It looks incredible all put together! Still, it’s a shame that Souldoll has dropped the ball when they’ve done special parts lately – it looks so good, if only it’d work as well too.

    That’s interesting about Withdoll, I only have “basic” versions so no fancy extras, but it’s good to know if they put out any limited dolls that grab my attention! Preferably a male limited though as I don’t really want to get more female bodies until they do something about the knees… It’s driving me up the wall!

    1. Thank you. There are actually even more issues that I forgot to mention because I was tired (such as the arms not being able to rest against her sides because of the chest armour). Sigh. I can just imagine what pain her first proper photoshoot is going to be.

      I have way too many WD special parts and I can honestly recommend them all. Well, some of the early stuff was a bit bothersome to keep on, but they’ve always made their parts from dark resin (unless you request otherwise) and it’s not a total pain to work with. I do know what you mean about the girl knees though. They should be renewing that girl body next, I think, but it might takes them a looong time. Like it took them over a year to work on se 60cm body. xD

  3. You did an amazing job painting the armor even if souldoll screwed up and glued stuff together. I also adore the design of that uniform you made, altogether she looks absolutely stunning!

    1. Thank you. I really don’t understand their logic with the glue, it was so hard to paint that base for the wings with the feathers already attached, especially. =__=

  4. You are so amazingly talented @o@ I’m a huge fan of that big flowy skirt!
    The armor looks great and I kinda like her “stern” expression~ x3 suits the whole image!

    1. Thank you. I totally copied the skirt idea from Justitia’s original outfit but I made some changes to it (basically it can also be worn inside out, so that the sparkly ruffles are on top). xD
      I find that she should be even more stern. I’d like to give her a bit of an angrier brow but it might not help, so I might just thicken them a bit and see if that helps. I don’t want to wipe the whole face up because I like it.

      1. You did such a wonderful job though -full of admiration-
        You could make the eye brows a bit thicker on the bottom to bring them closer to her eyes? I’ve found that always adds to a serious and sometimes evil look XD!;
        It’s always a shame to wipe a whole face-up, plus a lot of trouble XD Yay for lazy customizers like us!

        1. That’s actually exactly what I was planning on doing to the eyebrows. It’s the first fix I always try if I have a similar problem. xD She just has a nice hairdo right now and I don’t want to take her wig off, so fixing the face will have to wait a little, lol.

  5. Oh, wow, the armor is absolutely STUNNING!!! It’s a shame they didn’t offer it in two resin colors, though. That would have taken care of the dying issue. However, I really think the blue shade it came out at was a perfect accident. Black would still have been awesome, but that blue hint under the silver coating gives it an ethereal luminescence! Just gorgeous airbrushing on the whole!!!

    I agree, though, that resin grating on resin and having to paint said parts is quite a drawback to something on this scale. Plus, if the parts are too heavy, it almost makes them pointless as props. T_T Still, the sculpting is incredibly lovely!

    Those wings… though…. I love wings, but I just… LOL!!! ^^; Good job handling that difficult situation of painting it with those feathers in the way! /o/

    1. Thank you. More like they should offer the special parts/armours/etc. in one dark colour always. Would make painting so much easier, because very few people actually leave them pale.

      Well, they’re not wings made for flying, so they’re fine, I guess. They certainly add something to the whole set as they are… but they are quite bothersome to pose the doll with. xD

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