A 10 month project (working on and modding Naenia)

Hello everyone! As you’ve probably noticed from my last entry, I finally received my Bimong order from last May and got to work with her immediately. I spend the first day modding the torso and the next few days painting her and playing with her. And since I documented most of what I did (starting with the tail last April) I thought I’d make a post about it. For my own records if it’s not of interest to anyone else.

I’ve wanted a mermaid doll for forever. Actually since childhood: I quite loved my barbies and other dolls with mermaid tails. I even have Siren because the Soom Cass pieces at the time were pretty much the only things that came close and they’re beautifully shaped. But as I am now, I’m also very picky with actual mermaid tails. Most dolls either don’t have attractive jointing in them, the tail is too thin or too short or they’re only sold as giant fullsets and are too expensive for me (looking at you Asleep Eidolon and Angell Studio). Or then the dolls are just tiny and I wanted something bigger. But when I saw the Fairyland seahorse tail for the first time, I quite liked what I saw. It’s not that smooth or mermaid-y looking but the jointing is quite well hidden and above all: versatile. So yes, I knew I wanted it, and that brought forward this character.

So, once the bottom half was decided on, how about the actual doll? Initially, I thought I’d get a grey skin Withdoll for this character, but I already have most of the head sculpts I want from them and I’m not a huge fan of the torso of the girl body anyway. However, a cold blue tail with a grey torso would’ve made a really nice cold climate mermaid. But when Bimong announced his final preorder for Narae and Narin, it all clicked. I’d wanted a 408 head for a long time and also a tan Narae, so what better than to combine the tail, 408 and tan skin. She’d be more warm toned and kind of tropical for our climate but what the heck. xD

I originally hunted for the clear blue tail, but I let all the ones I could find slip through my fingers. I didn’t have the funds and I wasn’t looking at it that seriously as I wasn’t, at the time, sure what doll I would get to be on it. Well, when I finally was able to afford and seriously look for one, pretty much all of them had gone and the market started to be replaced with that steampunk tail -which also was clear, but I did not want the carvings and gears and stuff on it, so it was no good. Luckily I at least found one mint tail with all the pieces that I could buy, so that’s what I had to use. But it really needed to be dyed. :3

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Boring updates and things


It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated my blog. At least it feels that way. I haven’t really touched my dolls in months in a photography kind of way. It’s what winter does to me: it’s dark and dull. And once late winter/early spring hits, I go into this coma of hatred. I loathe the part where the sun comes out non-stop and all the snow starts melting and it’s not warm nor cold. I’m just in a bad mood all through that and tend to stay indoors with the curtains closed if possible, haha. But now that’s over. The snows are pretty much gone and things will start growing soon. The days are longer as well. So, hopefully I’ll have inspiration for photos soon. There’s a local doll meet next week, so that might give me a much needed boost as well.

Instead of photography, I’ve been sewing and painting. However, paintings been going slooow and I closed my face up commissions in order to finish everything I had. Unfortunately, now that I’m finally done, I’m not sure if I should open it up again. I’ve been taking commissions since like 2006 or 2007, and nowadays it takes a lot out of me to even paint my own dolls, let alone anyone else’s. I’m thinking I might close up the resin side permanently at least. DDs are different and more pleasant to paint, so I might only take on those commissions for now (and maybe resins for friends). But really, BJD painting is just not inspiring to me anymore. I have 3 of my own heads I should paint, one of which has been a WIP for probably 2 years now. So yes, not doing very well on that front. I also have several dolls with face ups from like 2009 that I should re-do and I just… don’t want to. I really don’t want to. And this time it’s not even that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do them as well again, it’s just that the effort of painting is too much. It’s not relaxing to me anymore, it’s a chore.

Sewing goes a little better at least, and I often get these boosts of inspiration. Like in the past few weeks I went and made 19 corsets. Yes, 19. I’ve been updating WIP photos to my puclic Instagram account throughout the project. I had to do a lot of supply orders in order to finish them and I’m still waiting for a few, but I managed to finish them anyway.

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Modding a GSE torso.

I finally had it with my DIM GSE body. I have it for Lilya, and since she’s one of my human characters, she actually needs to know how to pose naturally. Especially to sit. (My fantasy characters mostly just stand around so posing for them isn’t as necessary.) And her body is otherwise very flexible, but is has one huge flaw: a boob joint. Not only does it not move well, but when it does it makes her boobs smaller when bending it forward -which I do, because I want her to sit naturally (I wish) and it gives her a ginormous hunchback at the end of the arched back. Which is just downright unnatural.

So, I’ve been playing with the thought of glueing and epoxying the boob joint shut and just sawing her torso in half at the waist. Really, I’d prefer to just buy her a new body, but there are no options for her size. Her face is huge, and anything with shoulders less than 9cm (including arms) is just too small. Her body is too tall for her, way too tall, but again, since she needs wide shoulders there are no options for shorter bodies. Except the one she came with: Iplehouse JID, but I sold that for a reason. I will eventually try to get her a new head which is hopefully smaller than her current one, but I’m waiting for owner photos to confirm that it’s actually smaller in size.

But yes, as I am out of options, I decided to finally just go for the mod. It couldn’t possibly make her worse than she already is. I mean, all her other limbs work really well, so it’s a waste to have a useless torso. And it’s very long anyway, so shortening it is not a big issue.

I was asked to document the process, so I did. You can jump straight to the results, if you’re not interested in watching resin get sawed and sanded.

Okay, so let’s start from the very beginning:

Planning & prep

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A Victorian Lady? +outfit photos

Okay, so I’ve planned on making a Victorian outfit for Seere for quite some time, but I haven’t come across good fabrics for her. Then, I found this off-white striped satin that is just beautiful and thought “Heck, if I can’t find nice red fabrics, I’ll just make her a red and white outfit, then”. But then I got the Vera head and thought that she’d look gorgeous in such an outfit as well, and decided to make it for her instead. Only, she doesn’t really work red, so she got purple and white.

It’s a good thing I switched the sizes, because the white satin is pretty much gone now. I wanted more of it for the skirt but there just wasn’t enough. Also, due to a little pattern mishap with the skirt this ended up bigger than it was supposed to be. Now the outfit is kind of a late 1860s and 1880s hybrid. The shape of the skirt goes to late 1860s and early 1870s but this jacket type was more common in the 1880s. Oh well… Some day I’ll make a princess or a sheath dress of the 1880s style and then something biiig similar to the 1860s. There are also a few historical outfits from the Victorian era that I’d like to replicate in doll size… some day.
Yes, I’m big on Victorian fashion, although I don’t often get to make Victorian outfits for my dolls. But I’ve done quite a bit of research the era and even wrote my thesis on Victorian women’s fashion.

I’ve made a few Victorian-inspired outfits in dolls size before. My very first one was this one for Seere (she so needs an updated version soon). And the next one was this for Lilya when she was still a MNF. But after I sold her, I gave the skirt to Avis and made her a new jacket to go with it. This new outfit is pretty much an upgraded version of the purple dress I made for Lilya.

My poor Vera is still nameless and I also don’t have properly fitting eyes for her, so she looks a little blank, but let’s not let that bother us… Warning: there are a lot of photos.

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Red and Gold dress commission

I finished a slightly larger commission dress and thought that it deserves an entry of it’s own. Iria got to model it because it’s close to what she wore when she was still a regular human -style wise. Otherwise it’s a bit too luxurious for her and red & gold aren’t really her colours either. They’d gotten this same fabric in a camel tone as well, but I wish they’d have a different, darker brown and I could make something similar out of it for Iria. I love it because it feels super soft and looks a lot like suede, though it’s polyester. It stains quite a bit though and I ended up with a pink sewing machine and Sigrun’s hips turned pink too (she modeled it until I finished it because her clothes were less of a hassle to take off, lol).

But well, I have undergarments in the works for Iria and a corset. Maybe one of these days I’ll find fabric for the outer pieces of the outfit as well… I hope. Her outfit will be somewhat different and more plain.

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Something heavy… [edited]

I ordered the Justitia armour set for Iria back in December and it finally arrived yesteday (a heavy armour package and a light feather package arrived together). I dyed it yesterday and painted it today, but the lance is still not done. I realized that I’m running out of MSC semi-gloss and I really hope there’s enough for it, too, because it takes several months for me to get more. =__=

Anyway, a bit of arrival and wip photos and some babble about it.

EDIT// Added some more detailed armour photos to the end -as if the entry wasn’t img heavy enough

It all started with yet another Zenith box.

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Shadowy Dreams

I spent some time sewing for Prisca yesterday. This dress is completely pattern free and one of those styles that requires a lot of sewing by hand to make it extra neat. Well, the separate sleeves are kind of sloppy because I just winged them on the machine this morning, but the dress itself needed a lot of detailing. Pretty much only the hem is machine sewn (serged to be more exact), so it took quite a while to make.

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I was commissioned a uniform for a Withdoll girl, but I took forever with it and the commissioner is unable to buy it at the moment. I’m selling it separately (through flickr right now, possibly through Etsy later), and it if doesn’t sell in the next few months, the original commissioner will buy it from me. I took some photos of the whole set, so I’m posting them here.

The set includes sleeves, a top, skirt and a chiffon hem that attaches to the top.

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