A Victorian Lady? +outfit photos

Okay, so I’ve planned on making a Victorian outfit for Seere for quite some time, but I haven’t come across good fabrics for her. Then, I found this off-white striped satin that is just beautiful and thought “Heck, if I can’t find nice red fabrics, I’ll just make her a red and white outfit, then”. But then I got the Vera head and thought that she’d look gorgeous in such an outfit as well, and decided to make it for her instead. Only, she doesn’t really work red, so she got purple and white.

It’s a good thing I switched the sizes, because the white satin is pretty much gone now. I wanted more of it for the skirt but there just wasn’t enough. Also, due to a little pattern mishap with the skirt this ended up bigger than it was supposed to be. Now the outfit is kind of a late 1860s and 1880s hybrid. The shape of the skirt goes to late 1860s and early 1870s but this jacket type was more common in the 1880s. Oh well… Some day I’ll make a princess or a sheath dress of the 1880s style and then something biiig similar to the 1860s. There are also a few historical outfits from the Victorian era that I’d like to replicate in doll size… some day.
Yes, I’m big on Victorian fashion, although I don’t often get to make Victorian outfits for my dolls. But I’ve done quite a bit of research the era and even wrote my thesis on Victorian women’s fashion.

I’ve made a few Victorian-inspired outfits in dolls size before. My very first one was this one for Seere (she so needs an updated version soon). And the next one was this for Lilya when she was still a MNF. But after I sold her, I gave the skirt to Avis and made her a new jacket to go with it. This new outfit is pretty much an upgraded version of the purple dress I made for Lilya.

My poor Vera is still nameless and I also don’t have properly fitting eyes for her, so she looks a little blank, but let’s not let that bother us… Warning: there are a lot of photos.

I’m still thinking of her story, but she was totally channeling her possibly mom (mizya’s Nyx) there on the couch… I guess that’s a hint that she should belong to that huge family of weirdoes?

I’m not entirely happy with this outfit, but I’m glad I went for it. I purposedly made a lot of pieces although they make the outfit a bit poofy, but this way the pieces can be used separately. Also in a modern manner with the corset not being worn as underwear etc.

All the pieces I made:
Petticoat with a bustle cage
Skirts (underskirt and bustle skirt separately)

And I might also want to make a dolman type coat on top of this for (next) winter, but I don’t have good fabric for it for now.

More photos of the outfit itself:

This is the crinoline skirt she was wearing underneath, but it’s all wonky because the more I fixed it, the weirder it got (but I made it too big originially):

This was the original bustle pad/skirt/thing I made but it was too small for the big skirt:

This is the sketch of the design I made before I started making the outfit:

As you can see, I messed up the shirt (I just wasn’t thinking while I was doing it), so that needs to be re-done as soon as I get more fabric for one.

2 thoughts on “A Victorian Lady? +outfit photos

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! This outfit is stunning and perfectly complex~ I just love those back ruffles on her skirt – they’re beautiful! It is a bit poofy in places, but the overall affect is amazing.

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