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It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated my blog. At least it feels that way. I haven’t really touched my dolls in months in a photography kind of way. It’s what winter does to me: it’s dark and dull. And once late winter/early spring hits, I go into this coma of hatred. I loathe the part where the sun comes out non-stop and all the snow starts melting and it’s not warm nor cold. I’m just in a bad mood all through that and tend to stay indoors with the curtains closed if possible, haha. But now that’s over. The snows are pretty much gone and things will start growing soon. The days are longer as well. So, hopefully I’ll have inspiration for photos soon. There’s a local doll meet next week, so that might give me a much needed boost as well.

Instead of photography, I’ve been sewing and painting. However, paintings been going slooow and I closed my face up commissions in order to finish everything I had. Unfortunately, now that I’m finally done, I’m not sure if I should open it up again. I’ve been taking commissions since like 2006 or 2007, and nowadays it takes a lot out of me to even paint my own dolls, let alone anyone else’s. I’m thinking I might close up the resin side permanently at least. DDs are different and more pleasant to paint, so I might only take on those commissions for now (and maybe resins for friends). But really, BJD painting is just not inspiring to me anymore. I have 3 of my own heads I should paint, one of which has been a WIP for probably 2 years now. So yes, not doing very well on that front. I also have several dolls with face ups from like 2009 that I should re-do and I just… don’t want to. I really don’t want to. And this time it’s not even that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do them as well again, it’s just that the effort of painting is too much. It’s not relaxing to me anymore, it’s a chore.

Sewing goes a little better at least, and I often get these boosts of inspiration. Like in the past few weeks I went and made 19 corsets. Yes, 19. I’ve been updating WIP photos to my puclic Instagram account throughout the project. I had to do a lot of supply orders in order to finish them and I’m still waiting for a few, but I managed to finish them anyway.

And, I think I’ll just post a collage compliation of the corsets here. You can see individual detail photos in my Etsy, if interested.

Zenith size mid-busts

More + SD overbust

Zenith overbusts

SD overbusts

SG overbust, SD & Zenith underbusts.

Dollfie Dream overbusts

Next time I take on a project like this, I’ll do several of the same style so that it’ll be less work. xD I should do a few 1/4 sized corsets anyway. I already made one by accident actually, but let’s not talk about that one. :’D

Oh, and see the lovely mint skirt in the giveaway? I should’ve bought tons of that fabric when I had the chance, but my wallet was crying from all the corset materials I had to get. So, I went cheap and only bought a tiny little piece that amounted to 2 long SD skirts, one short one and 2 short msd ones. Now I’m crying I can’t make more of them because, of course, the fabric is gone. :< Booh! (I hate my local store so much. Everything cool is "Buy ten meters now, cause you can't have it again")

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