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I’ve had some updates in my Azone collection happening, and I’m getting a long awaited XS girl soon as well. Mostly so that she can wear the outfits I’ve bought for her despite not owning a doll of that size, lol. I couldn’t resist. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Pure Neemo sized girls or boys, although there are a few old releases I really like. But this size is just not for me. I don’t do anything with my 30cm BJD tinies either, because the size is just no inspiring. I like teeny, tiny things, and bigger things, but this is a size that falls just inbetween and doesn’t work for me. My Neemos don’t even get proper names because I’m unimaginative with them.
Anyway, I also managed to find a Rockin’ girl Yuzuha second hand for a really good price… some time last year (oops), so I bought her. She’s my favorite Yuzuha and possibly my fave Neemo as well, so it was a must instant buy as soon as she popped up.

In her default gear (that I had to sell, though).

I literally haven’t done much of anything with her since I got her, but maybe one of these days. I should build up the courage to chop of her hair, because I want a bob-cut girl and since I’m not buying any more…

Aoto-kun is not very happy about his spiffy new Sailor uniform.

And sorry about all the insta embeds in advance. I haven’t edited these into my website format nor uploaded them to my domain, and I’m too much of a lazy ass to do it anymore.

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Rise was skating with me once.

Aaand, I got a picco Raili recently. Photographed her, Himeno and randomly Muu when I got some picco outfits for the three to share (well, except that white dress is actually from elfdoll):

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I’ve gotten more outfit orders since then, but haven’t had the energy to take photos. But I think I’ll take the trio to the upcoming doll meet next Saturday. Maybe I’ll have more insta quality snapshots from there. :P

And finally, I got this Azone duffle coat for Yukihi today and I was very surprised by the fact that it’s fully lined. :o I’m so used to the unfinished edges in the tiny clohthes that I did not expect that:

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Have a good spring, everyone \o/

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