Ye Rin

Okay, I don’t think I’ve introduced my newest girl here yet, although I got her head like last year already. I’ve had a lot of trouble with her and it’s still not all resolved. I love her character (she’s from mine and Mizya’s RP) and the Souldoll Jina head is pretty accurate for her after a few mods. She could be more smiley but trying to find a certain kind of looking Asian female head that smiles is near impossible. Oasisdoll has a lot of smiley girls but unfortunately none of them suit Ye Rin’s features, so here we are.

She’s currently on Iria’s idiotic body which is not helping me any. Despite all the mods on the body, it’s annoying to handle and the super long model legs are really not doing good things for my human characters -with the fantasy ones I don’t really care. Plus her hands are just… ugh (=stupid-ass finger poses you can do nothing with). They’re fine for Iria but not for Ye Rin. Zeniths also have giant feet so I can’t get any appropriate shoes for her (she likes shoes a lot).
Other than the body issues, I’ve had problems with her face up (fixed parts of it but might need to be completely re-done), wig and eyes. I first had her with a temporary fiber wig and that was just horrible, though I managed to make it decent with some styling. But yeah, it wasn’t right at all. I ordered her a custom one and now my main problem is that it looks nice in person but in photos it just looks like a frizzy black blob. But I can’t exactly give her a lighter wig because her hair is black. The problem with the eyes is pretty much the same and I have to brighten them tons afterwards. I might just solve that problem by getting her lighter brown eyes. They’ll make her more expressive, even though they’re not 100% right for the character. Gotta make compromises, I guess.

I am hoping I’d be able to afford to order her a body some time this year because I have some expensive things on preorder later this year, so I’d need to conjure up some hobby money from somewhere. It also has several months of a wait time and I have no idea if it’ll match her skin tone well, but… all of my hybrids are kind of risks and they’ve worked out. Really, I tend to buy them with the research and mindset of “Well, company Y matches my head and X matches Y, so they ought to be close. The shoulder width is about the same as company Z too, okay, we’ll go with that”.

This is the end result right now. With a lot of editing afterwards to get the eyes to show up as something other than black pits. She has kind of too much eyeliner for her character too, but I’m not yet sure if I wanna re-do the face. Cause like I said before: I don’t like painting at the moment. I’d rather try lighter eyes before re-doing the face up. She should also be more smiley, but I can’t do much more with the sculpt.


This is what I tried with the wig when I got it, but the curls are a little too loose for her (I was just testing them anyway). If the wig is still too long when I do them properly, I’ll have to cut it a bit.
Oh, and I got it from SophyMolly. I can heartily recommend her wigs. She’ll use mohair or alpaca and root the hair onto a silicon base. Unlike most alpaca wigs that are glued (hardcap), and thus can’t really be washed (because the glue will come out). Due to the rooting, you can comb over the parting and do a ton of different styles without it looking silly. Plus not only does the wig fit onto the weirdly shaped Zenith head, I don’t need different wigs for her different looks.

Ye Rin usually curls her hair which makes it shorter. But if she has to leave in a hurry, she’ll pull it up on a ponytail or a bun. At home when she’s doing chores etc. it’s usually up on a high messy bun. So yeah, I needed a wig with a lot of styling options and SophyMolly delivered. :3 I considered sewing a wig myself but failed with that (the alpaca I got was really coarse), or then finding someone that sews the wigs onto a slightly elastic cap (I really hate hardcaps and they don’t stay on the Zenith heads either) but I couldn’t find any with these kind of styling options, as the parting can’t usually be altered.
(I’m gonna give the wig sewing another go at some point because I still want a proper wig for Iria, but I’m not in the mood to drop a ton of €€s on fiber right now.)

This was the crappy fiber wig I had on her as I was waiting for this:

Though the wig is fine now, I still have horrible time shooting her. I hope her own body fixes most of the issues eventually, and I’ll be able to make her more clothes. I’d rather not sew her a million pants now, only to find out they don’t fit her new body, so…

Outdoor photo attempts from today, but they’re pretty horrible:

(Those finger positions are seriously killing me, who does that??)

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